Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pwddy Tats!

Thanks for all your comments about our knobs lol - we've finished the large chest of drawers now and are very happy how they have turned out so once we've done a spot of painting in the bedroom I'll get some pics up :) We've picked wallpaper for the living room this week too so it's all go on the decorating front - we just need to find a decorator now who can do it as the wall we want to paper is a fiddly job.

Anyway, I just wanted to nip on and post a picture of this little lovely that I made for a friend who's as big a cat lover as I am, she's received it now so I can share a pic! Isn't he a cute lil cat?!
The original pattern can be found here (you need to sign up to get access to the patterns but it's free and takes moments). He's supposed to be felted but the wool was acrylic so it wouldn't work. I also moved his "hands" as I wanted him to be sitting on all fours. His cute lil tail, which you can't see, helps him stay sat in the upright position.

Speaking of pwddy cats....our lil girl Tootsie, that we struggled to find a suitably girlie name for? Well..............after a little show she put on yesterday, turns out she is less of a she and more of a he! Whoops! So now we have the dilemma of renaming her/him or leaving the poor little thing live with a less than butch name!

She....I mean he, I just can't get used to it!!....he came and sat on my knee the other day when I had my camera out....
Super cute! She then proceeded to yawn as I had my finger held on the shutter release....and I caught these funny shots - she looks like a beast, especially in the last one as her mouth closes again!!!!!
Right, I'm off as I have some delicious October Afternoon stash spread out all over my desk upstairs that needs some creative attention :D

Thanks for stopping by :) xxxx


Penny aka Pennyk said...

super cute little kitty and the real one is pretty darm cute too- even though she is now a he LOL

Cathy C said...

Gorgeous pics of tootsie, love your little crocheted pussy too!

Jenga said...

OMG that last pic is hilarious!!! She... he..(s)he is so cute :)
If you say Tootsie with a reel Mancunian drawl, especially at the end, he sounds butch enough!! I'll teach you ;) Tootseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehh

Rachael Elliott said...

lol I love that photo it is priceless lol.
Really cute little crocheted kitty cat too :)

Gems said...

Lol that photo cracks me up! xx