Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Monday!

What a fab weekend.....anyone else got the Monday blues now?!

Well there's nowt like a bit of creativity to perk up your soul, so why not hop on over to Sarah's Cards and check out this month's challenge, which went live yesterday?

All you have to do is create something based on this sketch....a card, a layout, or anything else you feel inspired to make, then link us up to your creation and you could be in the running to win a £20 e-voucher to spend online in the shop whoop whoop!

I used it to jump-start my creativity to make this card:
All the details can be found over on the Sarah's Cards Blog, here.

Speaking of the blog, I've been beavering away over the last week ready for my next Design Team post due on the's a sneak peak of what I created until then.......

Mr T and I had a great weekend...we hadn't had some proper time to ourselves in ages, so packed ourselves off (with an impressive picnic) to the Swansea Airshow.

I must admit when I first went a few years ago I was a little unimpressed by thought at spending an afternoon staring at boring planes..but this is no ordinary "in a field" show....and my opinion was soon changed whilst sat next to the shimmering Swansea Bay and looking over to Mumbles, and the fact that the aircraft come so low and close to the shoreline that the beach literally vibrates as they do their breath taking dare devil spinning through the air thang! Nicky hadn't been before so I was excited to drag him off, saying it was part of his initiation of becoming a proper "Swansea Boy" now that he lives here!

The afternoon did leave me with a huge dilemma though..............
When I grow up, do I want to become an awesome wind-in-yer-face Wing Walker?
or a death-defying dare devil Red Arrow?

Decision decisions eh?!
I also felt I had the necessary particulars to apply to join the RAF Parachute regiment.....but a girl's got to narrow her options down from time to time. ;)

We finished off our day sunburnt and in Mecca Bingo of all places!! But we didn't come close to winning a penny! Mr T is awesome and we had a fab day, just the two of us :)

With the bedroom furniture renovations coming to a close, we needed a new up-cycling project to keep us off the streets, and I've been on about creating a photo wall for sometime. So we headed off to a car boot sale yesterday, and gathered a nice little collection of ornate frames to give a new lease of life to.

Here's the booty we scored, laid out in how we envisage the wall placement to be, it's seven foot long and I had to stand on a chair to fit it in to the pic!:
With the exception of the white frames, which we bought new (we need to get another tiny one to fill in that little gap), we picked up this little collection yesterday for a grand total of £8! All the frames were glazed so we were really happy with our finds :) Check out the kitty giving his seal of approval too!

We looked carefully (read RUMMAGED) for frames which had decorative or unique little details and texture:

The blue/gold frame in the first picture contained an original etching by a local artist which is very sweet - it's of daffodils so quite patriotic too so we are thinking about getting a new mount for it as the one it's in is a tad mouldy, and displaying it in a new frame. Happy days.

So the idea is we will unify the frames by painting them all one colour to match the room - a nice olivey green. Except I bought the wrong colour paint (damn those misleading colour charts) so we are busy using it as a base and adding loads of different acrylic paint colours to try and make it more olive and less luminous green! Eeeek!

All fun and games eh?! Hope you all had an equally enjoyable weekend. Thanks for stopping by, will catch you all soon xxx


Rachael Elliott said...

Hi Nat :) Love your card and your sneak peek looks fab! Can't wait to see what you have created.
Glad you had a good day out together, I still love having some Justin and I time even after 18 years of marriage!
I am sure your frames will be brilliant when you have applied all your paint effects :)

Jenga said...

Oh I wanna see that sneek peek now it looks lushalicious! As for those frames - please will you and Mr T come and Thomas-ify my house purlease??? You have fabby home decor skills which I sorely lack!!!


Cathy C said...

Pollo! Can't wait to see your next blog post, it looks flabby! Really looking forward to seeing your gallery of frames too, there's some beauties there!
Glad you had a lovely weekend, there's an air show by us at the end of the month so I think I'll attend now I've heard all about yours!

Nicky said...

Yeah the frames have turned out awesome :-) just gonna put them up this week... thats the mammoth task for me! drilling holes and not going through to next door! :-) ...
Natalie once again has done an awesome job... :D next week I am painting the entire house and stripping wallpaper :D

Nicky said...

o just to add, I mixed the paint down from a vile vibe green to a damn good green :D ... natalie forgot to mention my paint mixing skills! :D

Gems said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous card :) And I tell you what how's about I fly a Red Arrow and you can be my wing-walker?
The frames are looking lovely too :) xx