Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yes - knobs! Who would have thought such a wholesome and pure young lady like myself would have got so excited about something like that?! And not just one either - but six beautiful, shiny knobs!!

Ha, ok enough of the innuendo! But I am excited!

Remember the chests of drawers I bought to make-over for our bedroom? Well I really wanted a lovely, vintagey country feel to them, and thought the way to achieve this would be with some pretty, old fashioned ceramic knobs. But after looking at the prices of the ones I liked, and weighing up that we need 18 altogether (or 24 if we decide to change the ones on the wardrobe to match!), it suddenly became a verrrrrrry pricey up-cycling project!!! Thankfully, creative inspiration struck and I came up with a way to imitate the look I wanted......as I do lol, using the original handles ;)

Pretty! So being the nice kinda gal I am, I thought I'd show you too :)

Start by gently prepping the knobs (am I gonna giggle every time I type that?!), with the finest grade wire wool you can get your mitts on, and then give them a few coats of primer. Make sure you let each coat dry thoroughly and wire wool in between each, it's a but time consuming but really worth the effort for a good finish - remember ceramic is really smooth and so we want our paint job to be as flawless as possible.
Once nicely primed, you can add the base colour to your knobs. I went for a crisp white, and I just used ordinary matt emulsion that I had handy. I used an artists paintbrush - I had a voice echoing through my head from the distant past saying "use the right sized brush for the job" and this worked nicely. I also found that by putting the screws from the knobs through  squares of cardboard made handling/painting them in one go much easier, and also left them free from sitting on (and sticking to!) a surface as they dried. I gave them a couple of coats, again giving them a gentle wipe with wire wool in between.
Now this is where the magic happens ;) I decided for that totally vintage cottage feel, I wanted floral details on my knobs, and that a decoupage-like approach would be the solution. So a quick look on flea-bay turned up thousands of pretty and cheap paper napkins, and I settled on these lovely pretty lil pansy designs. I had plenty of napkins in the pack to make every handle identical, but Mr T and I decided a collection of eclectic old knobs was the way forward for us! First step was to carefully snip out the pansies we liked.....
....and then using a tough glossy polyurethane varnish, carefully adhered the flowers to the centre. Once dry, I added further coats (leaving each to fully dry and harden before starting the next) until I had smooth and ultra glossy knobs, like these:

Here's how they look in situ on the finished bedside tables:

A little reminder of how the furniture looked before we started:
And how the two little ones look now:
Perfect for our cosy little bedroom, and the soft home-spun feel we want to create throughout our home. Now I just have the task of making a start on the large chest of drawers......wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by, as always xxx


Louise said...

Fabulous!!! They look amazing. Your home is going to be beautiful, all ready to have babies ;)

Jak said...

wow! loving those knobs! fab idea x

Btw, youve been awarded a blog award


Rachael Elliott said...

Gorgeous knobs Nat!!!
The pearly blobs were created using liquid pearls, Sarah sells a few different colours, it is great stuff!!
Hope you are ok :)

Vanessa Stokoe said...

Oh Nat, Ab Fab!!!! Just love it. I've got an old set of drawers and kitchen table - you've just inspired me!! Gonna have a good go at them soon! :) xxx

Tracy said...

Fabulous knobs Nat!!! Those bedsides look amazing.
Hugs Tracy x

Cathy C said...

Love your knobs Nat, they're soooooo pretty!! Great job with the drawers,!

Gems said...

They look fab hun :) xx

Jenga said...

How super clever are you???? I love your knobs ;) xx