Friday, March 26, 2010

Back in the habit! Of blogging that is ;)

Weeeeeell howdy strangers!!

Long time no see, but I'm back...if there's still anyone out there that is ;)

There are many many reasons for my absence...the main being it has been my last year of my degree, woah how time has flown! I finished my last teaching practice last week and registered as a teacher with the teaching council for Wales today. I had an excellent final report - it is split into five areas of competence, each ranked from unsatisfactory up to excellent. I had one very good and four "excellents" so I'm ecstatic! A couple more essays and a few exams and I'll be qualified, baby!

The other reason I've been away is that there's been a massive change in personal circumstances for me. Lol, my life has always pretty much been an open book on here as that's just the way I am, so I may as well divulge that after nine years together, I left my fiance last Summer. It had been coming for a long time but I'd got to the stage where enough was enough. And that was that. It was by no means easy and has had many, many repercussions, which in all seriousness I cant go into for legal reasons as much as I love pouring my heart out on here!!
There is a new man on the scene. It's been fun so far. I think he's absolutely lovely, but I have a lil feeling that "he's just not that into me." Such is my life! So we shall see.

So I am now back residing with my mother. I dearly miss having my own home after living on my own for almost a decade. It is hard having lost everything I worked so bloody hard for......I miss my lovely home and having my own space. Cramming my life into a tiny 2m by 3m box room is hard! I also miss my chooks and my cats, I was only able to bring Treacle to my mums home and the other cats had to stay there. Sad times. I also had to ditch my lovely freelander for a banger - but it gets me from A to B (most of the time. when the doors open and the engine starts).

I've also been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and am being referred for further tests and scans as there appears to be a further underlying hormone problem; which, in that great way they do, the doctor has not told me anything about and a sudden flurry of CAT scan appointments and specialist referrals have landed on the door mat with no explanation. If anyone has any guidance on managing the symptoms the advice would be most welcome, but thankfully I'm not looking to find myself in the family way right now!

The upside to all the stress I went through last year is that I turned to exercise, and have shed 3 stone and six pound! I still have a way I want to go yet, but it is a great start and I feel more confident about myself than I did at the start of 2009!
Me and my sis in Jan 2009
Me and my sis in March 2010
I can't believe how much my life has changed since I last blogged, but I am sure that it is all for the best. I feel happier now than ever, even though some days are still very hard. I'm still the old moaning Minnie I ever was ;)

Time to get creative has been short, but I do have projects to share so I will try to update my blog with them very soon. I'm also hoping to have a blog overhaul and make over too, so watch this space, if you are so inclined ;)

Hugs to you all, Nat xxxx


Gemma* said...

welcome back Nat! And congrats on the exam results :D looking forward to seeing more of your blog posts soon... which reminds me i should put something new on mine ;)

Anonymous said...

What a rollercoaster of a year! HUGE congrats on your exams - well done! :)

Vanessa xx

Tina said...

Massive well done on your exams, after all that hard work you deserve it!

Thank crunchie you're back blogging too; have missed it!

If your ol banger can make it, I'm really not that far away from you now, we must get together! (I reckon an hour tops from Pontardilldoolally, if that's where your Mum is).


Carol said...

Nat I'm so proud of you xx

You look fantastic with the weight loss - way to go...and WOW nearly there! always knew you'd excel at teaching...

Can't help with the medical thing tho'!!

Take care and STAY IN TOUCH XX

cathy said...

Yeah!! Welcome back Nat it's great to see you - you look fab!!
Also well done on your exams & I can't wait to see your blog full of creativity!!

Rachael said...

Hi Nat, lovely to see you back and your alright there are still a few of us out here lol.
You are looking fab!!!!
Well done on the degree,
Fingers crossed you will be able to come in March you were missed this year :)

Sally said...

heloo, welcome back, what an emotional year? congrats on becoming a teacher, thats such wonderful news:O) and you are looking amazing, well done you !! here's to your future my lovely and all the very best...... looking forward to seeing what you create :O)
Take care
Sally xxx

scrapkat said...

Yeay nats back, im so glad to see something other than, 'i seem to be in a card making groove' lol :) xXx