Monday, March 29, 2010

Uh.... thank you very much!

In the words of Elvis there! Lovely to know there's still bloggers out there, thank you for your kind comments :)

So deep in the depths of the last year, I have managed to do some creative bits and bobs, so a little delve into my hard drive has revealed these lil projects....... these were created for Sarah's cards last spring.

Me and my niece Ellie at Easter last year.....
A totally cherished pic here of my cousin and I on my gramps knee when we were about three, before my little sis came along anyway. Love my gramps I do and I'm rather jealous of the fact that it's now Ellie who hogs his knee as I'm far too big ;) And the third page I created with the kit was of my first cuddles with my sister. Another blast from the past! I think the beautiful, heady patterns and warm brown, yellow and orange colours reminded me off the decor of my parents and grandparents house when I was very young spilled over from the 70's into the early 80's. Tis all back now too, what goes around comes around eh? The papers were very comforting anyway, and helped me create these happy memories :)Been making some cards today, know lots of people expecting babies this summer so trying to get ahead of the game!! Not sure what to make of my creations though, will try to post a pic to see what you think this week ;)

Also spent the day catching up on missed episodes of Lost - it was total bliss sitting here at my desk, making stuff and watching tv on my PC. Since I've moved back home with mum I don't have my own TV (gasp!!!) and it's weird adjusting to no longer ruling where I roost and watching what I want when I want, so discovering the Skyplayer today was a godsend! Ah, the wonders of technology! I then watched a load of comedies on the BBCiplayer......bliss.....ah student life!! What more could you ask for on a rainy day?!

Forecast more snow this week I see - great :( However -could make Easter egg hunts very amusing - and at least there'll be little chance of the choc melting before it's discovered!!

Laters bloggers ;) xxx

PS...I really want a new blog header to match the new scheme. Had a play in photoshop but can't remember how to do it properly. Any whizzes out there who can help? Failing that, anyone fancy making me one lol?!!! EDITED TO SAY - oooh I downloaded a ready made one from TCBOTB and tinkered with it in PS, much easier than starting from scratch lol ;) xx


Gemma* said...

glad to see some pretty layouts nat, was almost beginning to think u weren't scrappin any more! and i agree, internet catchup tv is brilliant :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Nat and I'm loving the retro look. :)

Well done on the header - looks fab. :)

Vanessa x

Rachel said...

lovely pages nats, great to scrap old photos x