Monday, June 15, 2009


I seem to be in a bit of a card making groove of late - a combination of the need for a load of cards and liking the small size of this type of project has kept me busy over the past few weeks.

Here are a few of 'em:
This one was made using the new page kits over here, I made a scrapbook page and this card with the one kit - plus have loads of it left to make more cards so they are great value for money. Eeek. More men's cards were needed with both my bro in law and cousin's birthdays in the past few weeks. Tricky - I find men's cards so hard (well, no cards are easy but men's are even harder!), so when I made a design I was happy with for my cous, I copied it for my bro in law too!!!

And finally my sister needed a card for a wedding over the weekend, so I was happy to oblige. As you can probably tell I am loving the swiss dot thing at the moment ha! I made the Mr & Mrs greeting in photoshop - I used a tag from a freebie kit I downloaded from here at 2Peas: I altered the colour and added the text, whizzed some cardstock through the printer et voila.

I can happily report that Dora the chook has made a splendid recovery and is now back in the coop and run with the other girls - happy days! Will try to get some chook pics up soon lol!!
Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!
Nat xxx


Cee in SF said...

I love all the cards! Especially the one for the guys. I'm inspired again! Good thing, too, because I have to get cracking on wedding invites.

Cee in SF said...

Today is your blogiversary! Happy blogiversay! Three years. Can you believe it?

Anonymous said...

Love the cards, enjoy your hols xx

Gertie said...

Nat, would you make a card for me??? Forgot its Fathers Day on Sunday EEK, hoping somewhere in the kids book bags there are some handmade ones from school.

Carol said...

gorgeous cards Nat....those male ones are fab! xx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i have a problem esp when comes in making men's card! I ended up making more of girly's card! LOL! yr post is giving me loads of ideas. Thanks babe! love yr work!