Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back to the grindstone.....

Ah this weekend is the end of my Easter holidays, back to uni lectures on Monday for the first time in what seems like forever what with having been on teaching practice!

I also have an assignment to hand in on Monday, which I have currently written a grand total of 600 words for. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow then?!

So what have I been doing for the past three weeks, if not working on my assignment you ask?

Firstly, I have been working on a shop over at Folksy as I hope to sell some of my mum's handmade jewellery over there. Maybe I'll be brave and sell some of my own handmade stuff too?!

Been busy with kits and bits. I made a lovely paper bunting set for Bubbly Scrumptious this week which I was really pleased with - you know what it's like, quite often you finish up a project and you always want to tweak it a little bit, but I was happy with these. The only thing that I was gutted about it that I really couldn't get a decent shot to show them in all their glory!!!

If you fancy having a go yourself, my instructions are here for a peep.

My sister caught a lovely photo of Ellie and I in the garden on Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny has obviously got very generous over the years because as well as an abundance of Easter Eggs he left a swing in the garden for her too! Ok, ok, the Easter Bunny once left a massive slide for my sister and I once, however we had had the mumps or something so we couldn't eat chocolate - the massive slide was set up in the living room until we got better - it was so tall we'd have to crouch at the top so we didn't bump our heads on the ceiling!!

So, Ellie had been asking me to "come see my park" (aka the swing) all morning; she led me out by the hand and my sis snapped this with my camera. It's my fave pic at the mo. Adore the way she gives you that squinty smiley face of love, and love the vintagey brown tones I gave it in PS, reminds me of the yellowing photos I have of my cousin and I playing in my grandparents sun-filled garden when we were about Ellie's age.

Oh, and while I'm on toddler topic: I was at my mum's one evening this week and Ell was there. Mum was half watching Coronation Street and half chatting to me, when Ellie stood up, grabbed the remote control and announced "this is boring" and paused the Skyplus!!! We were in stitches, and between giggles I asked her that if it was boring, what did she want to watch instead?

Know what her answer was?

" 'Stenders........"

pmsl xxxx


Tina said...


Love that pic of the two of you; can't wait to see the LO!

jay670120 said...

I love the photo and the bunting is great too , I've just made real material bunting on Fiskarettes blog today !!! must be the season of Bunting lol !