Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've been in a bit of a card making zone the last week or so.

It was a combination of having treated to myself to a few new bits and bobs (including an owl stamp and a swiss dot embossing folder), and needing a couple of cards for different things.

First it was the in-laws wedding anniversary......the stickers look strange colours in the pic!! they liked the card anyway and that's the main thing lol.....
Then it was one of the cousins' 18th - making mens cards is soo hard!!! A couple of dots and stripes was all I could come up with lol!

And then this one I made just to have a play about with my new stamp lol!!!

Have I mentioned that we are getting chickens in a few weeks?! C.R.A.Z.Y. Well the coop has been erected and fox-proofed, so now we're working on the rest of the garden. Two sides are protected by brambles, so we thought that would be fine - until Lee watched a fox crawling through them yesterday stalking, and catching, a bird for his dinner! So we need to rethink that one. We see loads of foxes in the field at the side of the house, and I guess we can not completely keep them out, so vigilance is going to be the key me thinks.

We're also having another go at growing our own stuff this year haha! The green house is up, beds have been planted and the south-facing windowsills of the house are crammed with various seedling trays and things sprouting up in 3" pots. Ah the good life!! Sop fingers crossed for good weather. Well actually, I am leaving it to his highness - I'll stick to making the window boxes, patio and hanging baskets look pretty thank you!!!



Carol said...

aww girlie chickies hey?? good luck with the fox proofing tho'.

Little Ellie is growing up fast isn't she? love the piccie of you and her together further down..

Hope that you're ok (((hugs))) hope to hear from you soon and good luck with the upcoming exams...xx

jay670120 said...
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jay670120 said...

love your cards especially the owl one have a soft spot for owls xxx