Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Wonderland

*Warning - mega picture post* lol

A couple of weeks ago I headed down to the Waterfront Winter Wonderland in town with the family armed with my camera. I decided to be brave and set my camera to aperture priority rather than automatic to have a go at taking control lol!

First stop was the massive big wheel which dominates the city skyline.Lol, I always buy hats but never wear them as they don't suit me and make me feel really self conscious - I actually started a scrapbook page about this ages ago, must finish it soon lol! Anyway, the only reason I wore the hat was because the whole outing was a spur of the moment decision and my hair was a bit greasy at the roots! But I was blooming grateful for it - silly girlie that I am went out in just a tshirt under my coat and I was bloody freezing, especially at the top of that icy, windy big wheel lemme tell ya!

Lee and Andrew took to the ice, and were surprisingly rather good at it! (In other words, they didn't fall over!)Next stop was the amusement stallsThe boys were unable to resist the lure of the games and as a result Ellie got lucky and came away with a few big cuddly toys! Think she was picking out a massive Pooh Bear in a dressing gown here.The rides looks so lovely lit up against the cold winter sky.The Big Man himself was there!And after all that standing about in the cold some seasonal refreshments were in order! Cue the mulled wine, hot roasted chestnuts and massive German sausages flame grilled in front of us!I used all these photos (and more) to make a festive mini book over at the Bubbly Scrumptious blog yesterday.
I had to share these pics - I haven't been feeling very festive for various reasons - it was only yesterday I put our tree up! That's unheard of, it's usually up on the 1st December, if not a couple of days before! Anyway, looking at the warm glow of these pics does give me that little excited tingle for what is usually my fave time of the year!
My crochet coming on really well, will get some pics up soon!
Hugs xxx


I am Mandy said...

Had to comment, those photos are superb, I would be very pleased if I had a set of pics like that. A tricky lighting situation, captured perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pics Nat, and you look fab in your hat!
Pat x

Gems said...

Absolutely gorgeous pics hun :o) I can't wait to go down, hopefully going to get a chance this week! Your book look fab too xxx

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics. Also loving the cupcakes- fabulous.

Are congrats in order? A certain DT?

Anyways, have a lovely Christmas xx