Friday, December 19, 2008

Holidays are coming.......

....and I'm slowly getting into the festive spirit, not as much as usual though! However, we have well and truly decked the halls! Th electric board would be rubbing their hands together with glee if they saw how many fairy lights we had here - bonuses all around for them next year on our bill alone I reckon. It's hard to see in the pic, but they are strung around the inside of the windows too *rolls eyes*
Lil Miss stayed here last Friday, and wanted to give you all a festive wave! Done lots of crochet, but can't show much of it at the mo as they need to be sent off to Santa *wink wink*. I did make these cute little cacti I found here, one for my mum's desk at work (she's not too good with real plants, and every office should have a plant right?!), and one as a Housewarming for my buddy who's just got a new cottage (swit swoo!)I looked all over the net for a pattern to make teeny flowers to put in their hair (it was a bow on the original pattern) to no avail, so ended up playing about with embroidery thread and stitches until I got the look I wanted. Think it was something like three DC then a SlSt over and over until I had five "petals". Well, I think the official announcement has been made, so I can now tell you that a a few weeks ago I had an email from Sarah's Cards asking if I'd like to join their design team. I accepted and received my first assignment this morning and I'm excited to get cracking on it! The new team also coincidentally includes my buddies Gems and Sarah (and I'm looking forward to getting to know the other girls too) so loads of inspirational talent there, something for everyone :)

So you'll be seeing my ugly mug over at Bubbly Funk and Sarah's Cards in the new year - lucky you eh?! lol Did you see what I did over at the BF blog this week, something a bit different for me!
It's Lee's birthday today - happy birthday Mister! - and we have our works Christmas do tonight. Oh the joy lol!

Catch up with you soon xxx


Gems said...

The house looks great hun :o) Very festive!

Hope Lee had a lovely birthday xxx

Cee in SF said...

Ah, your pix have put me back into the holiday spirit! And the crocheted yummys have made my hungry. Lovely, as always!

And please wish a belated Happy B-Day to Lee!