Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cake anyone?

Me being me, and having sooooo much spare time on my hands, decided last week that I wanted a new hobby - namely crochet. I'd seen lots of cool lil crochet bits and bobs on the net, and as my niece is having a toy kitchen for chrimbo thought it would be cool to have a stab at some of the nifty lil play-food items I've seen.
So I dropped this fabby lil lady a line, who I knew is more than a dab hand at the fine art of crochet, and she was an absolute angel with loads of tips and know how, and in pointing me in the right direction of loads of links to patterns and tutorials. She was sooo generous with her time and encouraging on my first squiffy attempts at some wonky stitches :)

But, again me being me, I wanted to crack on and have a go at a pattern as soon as I could more or less do the stitches, so I found this cupcake pattern here, and gave it a bash. Et viola, Ellie will have three colourful cupcakes to bake in her Kitchen on Christmas day! They aren't brilliant, but I'm proud of my first attempts.It said to stitch some beads on top for sprinkles, but I went for chunky french knots as I thought they were more playful looking - thank goodness my gran taught me embroidery when I was a nipper lol! Really loved the frilly edges on the pattern.
It is soooo addictive and I've found a whole host of things I want to give a go like right now! Damn this stinky maths assignment that is due in on Monday for taking up all my time this week!! Roll on the Christmas holidays so I can crochet to my hearts content. I know I risk sounding like a granny saying that, but honest - I can't wait to give some more cool things a go!

And finally, don't forget to have a look what I've been up to over on Bubbly Scrumptious - this week I got jiggy with a Maya Road Calendar turn, here's a wee sneek peek, but go see the full project too.

Catch you soon xxx


Gemma* said...

oooh, those cupcakes look yummy :) are you sure you didn't know how to crochet before??? now get back to that maths!!!

Gems said...

Those cupcakes are fab hun :o) I'm sure Ellie will love them!

Your calendar is awesome too! xxx

Gertie said...

Them cakes are FAB!!!!!!
Go you, you crochet queen,Ellies gonna love them,got a pattern here for some Oreo cookies if you want it...dead easy ;-]

Cee in SF said...

Good gravy! That is ridiculously cool! It made me hungry. You're very talented in all things crafty.

Anonymous said...

Why not get her a baking set as well there are some great ones around for young children and teach her how to cook some real fairy cakes too? That way she can delight her family and friends/neighbours with her new skills. Teach children young and they will always be able to bake and survive!

Carol said...

Hiya flower - Sian and Steve had a fab time in Swansea at the weekend, really sad that I couldn't come with them and meet you, but, hey ho, you never know come September??

Fab cupcakes, Ellie will love them...french knots are probably better for her age rather than beads too...good ol' Gran hey?

Hope that Maths assignment is finished!!! roflxx