Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Foggy Doggy!

Cor blimey! The weather here is pretty awful, I can't see my front garden for the fog.

Thanks for all the comments about the photo in my last post...grrrr, bad camera for producing the supernatural effect when all I wanted was a nice lil holiday snap! Cool though. Sorry for any resulting nightmares lol!

Just a lil reminder about my posts every Wednesday over here, be sure not to miss it cos tomorrows has already gone up and so you may have to scroll down a lil bit. Today I've shared a video that I found to be really inspirational for scrapbooking, and life in general, so go take a peep. There's a new inspirational post by one of the girls everyday, so it's worth adding to your feeds, readers or bookmarks :)

I've got my teaching placement info for the new year, in a really local school this year - I could walk to it if I was feeling energetic! No more driving over mountains and cliff edges to get to school. Hope it is going to be as lovely as the experience I had last year, but as they say, always expect the unexpected eh?!

No real news otherwise. Up to my wee lil eyeballs in uni work! Got two assignments with deadlines fast approaching, and have to teach an athletics PE lesson this week - that is SURE to be eventful let me tell you!! So on that note, I better be off-ski and carry on with my work *sigh*. What's that they say about resting and the wicked? ;)

Catch you all soon,


Cee in SF said...

You could walk to work? That could be fun. Or you could sleep in and drive there lickedy split. Either way, you win. Good luck w/ the new school and group of kids and the ton of uni work.

Carol said...

oh Nat can I come and watch the athletics lesson??? roflxx bless you for making me laugh today, love u for that!! xx

Hope everything goes ok now get back to those assignments xx