Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things of the other world......

I'm still working through all those holiday shots, and came across this a few weeks ago and thought I would share it to see what you think.

I took this pic on the last night of our holiday, while Lee and I were sat near the bar in the reception area during the last few hours before our airport transfer. You know the time, when you start clicking aimlessly at everything in sight as a last minute attempt to "remember" everything about your holiday?!

On my camera's LCD display it just appeared to be a random shot of the bar seating area. So imagine my surprise to spot a headless, bare foot little girl running through the picture!!! I couldn't believe what I could see, and even Lee, who is more skeptical than I am,
agreed it was a strange. Especially as we sat there for almost two hours and there were definitely no kids about!!

My mum has seen it and she thought it was spooky, so take a look for yourself and let me know what you think! I have not edited it in any way - this is exactly how it has uploaded from my memory card to my pc. Seriously. Click on it to make it bigger and have a good squizz!!!

I have been reading quite a bit lately, and finished this up on my sleep in shift at work last night. The majority of the book was really compelling; I was fascinated by the characters and the way their tales interwove with each other, but as I was coming towards the end I had a feeling I was going to be disappointed. And I'm still unsure about it now that I finished it. No doubt I enjoyed it overall, but I guess it didn't finish up as neatly as I like.

However, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it today, and the more I think about the story, the more I appreciate the craft of the author, David Mitchell. Maybe I need to read it again, but it's due back at the library tomorrow! Anyone read it? I'd love to know what you think!
Nat xx


I am Mandy said...

That does look a spooky photo Nat, suggestions, double exposure type thing, slow shutter speed and the girl was there in the other room but would appear ethereal if she was running or just let it be one of those mysteries. Almost enough to get me writing stories.

Not heard of your book, but have noted it for future.

jay670120 said...

UMMMMMM think youve been reading to many ghosty wobble stories lol :D
Deffo something to do with the camera i reckon ! Anyway made me smile x

Gertie said...

Don't know what to say about the photo, definitely weird!!

Carol said...

Hiya Flower - I'm with the other girlies, although I believe! I reckon that one was down to the camera!! Looks a gorgeous hotel from that and the other piccies you've shown.

Hope you, and Lee, are feeling much better xx

Gems said...

Ooh that photo is weird isn't it?!
I hadn't ever heard of that book either. I'm reading the Boy in the Striped Pajamas at the mo. You'll have to borrow it after I've finished if you've not read it!

Cee in SF said...

I am none too pleased with the creepy shot! I'll go along with your friends that it was a camera goof, but I will be keeping the night light on this evening, just in case.

Cee in SF said...

I'd also like you to know that your headless subject was featured in my dream last night. Not good :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi. There is nothing wrong with the photo and the exposure and the overactive mind can play tricks on those who want to believe.