Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Been gone....

.... but hopefully not forgotten!

Woah, has time flied since my last post. Reasons being? Mainly a lovely fortnight in Tenerife, followed by the recommencement (did I just make that word up?) of my degree the day after we got back!

Anyway, the holiday was absolutely lovely and just what we needed. Lee was well for the majority of it, and seems to have stabilised a little now. He went back to work last week anyway, so fingers crossed everything is on the up. Still no sign of an appointment with the consultant though, apparently we are now looking at December - and that's an emergency referral!

Have not had much time to sort out my holiday pics as of yet, what with being thrown straight back in the course and continuing with my summer job at the weekend (bleugh!!), but here are a couple to give you a taster of the lovely time we had.

These were everywhere around the hotel - growing like weeds!
Lee found the largest of the three pools was best for bobbing around on a lilo!
The smaller pool at sunset
I'm sure more pics will follow as I work through them!
Not had much time for scrapping :( I feel that I've lost my mojo but hopefully once my holiday pics are organised I'll find the inspiration I need to get creative.
I did however organise all my stash, out of necessity rather than choice as my study-come craft room had turned into a dumping ground over the last couple of months. I'd developed the tendency to open the door just enough to dump stuff in and then shut it again without having to face the chaos that lied within! But getting back to uni has meant I needed a clear space to work and access my files and books, so it had to be sorted.
As a result I found that three quarters of my scrapping papers are no longer my taste, so relegated them to a huge storage box which is now almost full of paper and scraps which, whilst I no longer want to scrap with, thought they may come in handy for other things. So I've started making some cards to use them up.
Now this is scary! I am not a cardmaker. If I had a picture of my old cards I'd post one, but they're all on disk somewhere - probably best never to be seen again! They were pretty basic, and it's hard to believe I actually used to get orders to make them and people paid for them!! So, showing my new cards is a bit nerve wracking really cos I'm not very confident at it, but I've tested them on an audience of close friends and family, who think they are ok (course they would though eh?!). I mean I don't think they are amazing or anything, but a little better than the crap I used to make!
So, I decided to use some teeny scraps to make these little geisha-inspired girls (and a boy!), they seem to be everywhere at the moment and I think the bright coloured dresses are so lovely and lend themselves well to my scraps!! I made a few, I don't have a pic of the girls on their own, but have used them to make a couple of cards. The first one is the wedding card I made for Lee's sister and her husband in July (never had a thank you but there you go! She must have thought it was crap!).
Next on my agenda is making some little girls in the style of Russian nestling dolls, seeing those everywhere at the mo too.
Off now to catch up with six weeks worth of blogs!! Catch you soon xxx


Carol said...

Grief - where you bin? lol I first knew you in those "card making days" and they weren't that bad! you've always had the knack of making embellishments and the like!! I suspect I could dig out some ol' cards from somewhere!!

Glad to hear that lee is feeling much better and that you had a great hol!

Take care flower xx

jay670120 said...

nice to see you had a great holiday xxx
i love the geisha girls and im working on a Russian doll card as we speak so it will be interesting to see yours. If you fancy winning some new stash each month you should check out myself and caroline (doodling daisy) run the blog there and set mid week competition every month & challenges every week , You can just show your work go on put these doll cards on over there they are lush x

Cee in SF said...

You're crazy. Those cards are c-u-t-e!

Take care!

nimblejacks said...

Hey swansea person! Love those Geisha cards, have you thought of putting them in The Oyster Gallery? Nothing like them in there I think they're fab. I have my necklaces in there at the mo. It's windy and cold but hey I'm spending the morning felting and then taking myself and a friend and our 7yr olds to See HSM3 at the cinema, reliving our youth ha ha Clairex