Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Graveyard shift....

...ack, I can't sleep at all. My body clock seems to be all over the place for some reason unbeknown to me. This is the second time in a fortnight where I just have not been able to sleep at all, and so I guess tomorrow will be the second day I take off from uni for that reason (can't see me getting up at 7.30 now!). Not good, have to sort this out! Any (legal!) suggestions?
The weirdest part is that I am actually shattered! Had a very long and exhausting weekend taking a pack of 30 Brownies on their Pack Holiday by the sea front in Swansea. The girls were impeccably behaved and great to be with, but they were up at 7 and in bed at 11 - a very long day indeed, especially when you factor in the miles and miles we hiked about too! I must say, my friend and I only had to organise a trail for the girls, and then facilitate the planned activities, but just that exhausted us and I totally take my hat off to the two senior leaders who organised everything, the work it must have taken is immense - there was not a second of the day where there was not an activity for the girls to be getting on with, and they really enjoyed themselves.
Anyway, other news.....our cousins from London are down in Mumbles this week, so lovely to see them as always! This year is particularly lovely as they've brought their son, daughter in law and grand children who we very very rarely see so it's lovely to catch up with them.
Made a couple more cards....
Not sure about the chrimbo ones, but at least I'm using up some of those scraps:
But really like this one. The middle one says "butterflies" across it. Now, seriously, that was a total random act of nature. Complete fluke. It was so weird how that punch happened to have that across it that I hardly believe it myself, you probably won't either if I told you the full story, so I shan't!I've had a lil treat and got myself one of these.... and can't wait to start sticking crystals over everything in sight! I'm also planning on scrapping this prompt here, so hope to be back soon with some pretty things to share with you :)


Gertie said...

Bloody hell you've blogged haha!!!!

Glad the brownies behaved,remember when I was one,still played up when we went camping (nothings changed there then)

Lovely cards especially the butterfly one :-D

Gemma* said...

Glad you survived the Brownies ... just imagine taking them for a whole week! Loving that circley tree - cool idea :)

Gems said...

Hehe pack holidays sounds like fun :o) Glad you survived my lovely.
The cards are awesome - love the butterfly one.
Can't wait to see what you get up to with your Bejeweler!