Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Been Papping!


Ooh I've been having some right problems with ye olde blogger! It hasn't always been letting me leave comments on blogs (they take forever to load and then freeze), and even when I've come to create a post on my own blog, the screen hasn't been loading up properly and anything I type has just looked like little lines and shapes.

Grrrr! Well, at least I'm here now eh?! :)

Been a busy girlie! Started my summer job (urgh!) where Lee works, and been making wedding invites and stationary for Lee's sister (thousands of 'em! I swear, this wedding is going to be bigger than The Rooney's last week!), and even got some scrapping in.
Also had time for a few nights out, and a few exciting photo shoots "on location" with Gems (be sure to check out her new bloggy if you haven't already!).

Ooh we laughed! She really cracks me up :) Our first shoot was at Craig Y Nos Country Park, and the second one on some of the gorgeous beaches we are lucky enough to have here on our doorstep! We had intended to shoot some cracking silhouettes and sunsets, however not only was is drizzly and cloudy all day, we also kind of forgot that to see the sun setting over the sea you kind of HAVE to be facing west - whoops! Our chosen beaches were facing the completely wrong direction, but we still got some cool lighting effects (and a little helping hand from editing software of course!)

Here are a couple of my fave shots from the Beach shoot. That's not to say they are actually any good (out of about 300 shots any about ten were barely passable, getting to grips with this camera is going to be a loooooong process me thinks!), but I like them for one reason or another.

I also learned a valuable photographic lesson too: if you're planning on going out on a shoot, make sure you charge your battery first. In the words of the great man, Homer Simpson; DOH!
Crikey, they took ages to upload, I'll post the park ones again as I don't want to be responsible for blowing up blogger!
Edited to add: Just visited Cee's blog and was reminded that we've been blogging for two years. Cor blimey! I'm celebrating by adorning my blog with a new banner rofl!!! :D
Catch ya soon xxx


Gertie said...

Happy Birthday to your blog LOL!!
Great pics, love the new header and lovely layout as usual :-D


Cee in SF said...

I thought the banner was new. And the shots you posted are really pretty. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have a wonderful eye for lighting.

I can't wait for more shots.

Gems said...

I absolutely adore that layout Nat it is gorgeous :o)

Hmm I am hating the photos of me lol!! The ones of the beach are super pretty though! We shall have to go out again and snap random things. Twas fun!


jay670120 said...

2 years blogging cool !!!!
love the new header and loved finding out about your crazy antics as per usual xx
l/o is lovely too x