Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Done and dusted...

... my first year of uni that is! Who can believe it? It really has flown and I've had a whale of a time :) I've had a really good report for my teaching practice, just waiting to hear next week how I did in my exams. Fingers crossed that there will be no resits for me as I'll have to fly back from Tenerife to take them :)

My last few weeks in school were fantastic. I really was lucky to have an amazing teacher mentor who really let me practically have free reign with my lessons and the class. She bought me a beautiful necklace and wrote me a lovely report where she stated that it had been more like working with a colleague than training a student. How lovely is that?

We had a party for the children on the last day, and I was absolutely touched by the little blighters! They were truly devastated that I was leaving, most were crying and some were even howling with anguish, bless them!! Each had something nice to say to me individually and I really had to fight back the tears, I really was touched, these children were aged 8 and 9 and really did say some profound and heart warming things to me :) Two stood up in assembly to make a speech for me and present me with a lovely basket arrangement of flowers, which was completely unexpected.
So, now I'm a free agent until October. Have applied for a few jobs so I'm sure I won't have too much free time on my hands!

Spent Saturday scrapping with Gems, we had a fab day - this girl knows how to make you giggle!

I scrapped an old picture taken of my sister and I when we were small with my Gran. I wasn't sure about it at first, but the more I look at it the more I feel I have captured her spirit. Sounds a bit barmy I know, but the patterns and embellishments really evoke my memories of her.
Other news..... I got a new toy.....see if you can guess what it is?!

Catch you soon xxx


Cee in SF said...

Those kids sound like sweeties, and I'll bet you did a great job with them. Your mentor sounds like a good one, too!

Congrats on the first year and on the new toy!

Chrissie said...

Good job Natalie. Remember all the stress of getting into the college and how unsure you were :D I knew you'd be good! I'm glad you've done well. And you really DID luck out on that sounds lovely!!! It's a killer when they all start crying though isn't it. I would have actually been crying with them...I can never hold it back!

Well done again

Anonymous said...

So glad you've enjoyed the first year. Enjoy the summer

Anonymous said...

Hiya sweetie :o) I did comment on this the other day but now it isn't here?! Bizzaro, unless you deleted it of course.

Love, love, love that layout, it is fab :o)


jay670120 said...

congrats Nat and hope you get your ideal job for the autumn xxxx take care and enjoy your toy xxx

Gems said...

I gots me a new blog :o) Let me know what you think!

Zarah said...

Found my way here from Gems' blog and I am very impressed with your work!! Love that Lo - your layering rocks!