Saturday, January 26, 2008

I survived....

.... my first day at school!! I must say it is an absolutely lovely village school and I'm really pleased with the placement now. Some of my course mates had a day from hell but I had a lovely one! It's a really small school, there are only 60 pupils and it is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone - it's a real friendly and welcoming environment. My teacher mentor is fabulous with her pupils and I'm really looking forward to spending more time there and learning from her and the children!

Other uni news is that I've finally finished and submitted my geography assignment which felt like it took forever to complete! Father Christmas brought me a laminator and I had mucho fun with it making my resources for the assignment. It was actually quite therapeutic feeding the sheets through the machine lol! I'm wondering if I could make some mini clear albums with it? I stocked up on more laminate sheets yesterday anyway as I used all I had on the flash cards and games I made for my assignment! No rest for the wicked though, I have a history assignment due on the 11th. And it's a plain old essay style one too, no exciting imaginary teaching scenarios or resources to make :(

Everyone who know me knows that, in general, I'm not a very spontaneous person! However, when Lee and I get an idea in our head to do something around the house we do seem to have to do it straight away. I decided yesterday that the lounge was looking a bit tired and we could do with some new scatter cushions for the sofa, and within half hour we were trawling B&Q and Wickes for wall paper samples lol! I used to hate wall paper, but for a while now have fancied all these rich textured and bold print styles that are about. So tomorrow afternoon we'll be papering a feature wall in the lounge with a lovely brown and duck-egg floral paper. The lounge is already brown and cream, and the little injection of colour is all it needs for a fresh new look. We also picked up new cushions, which came to almost £60, a tad expensive when you're out shopping on a whim, but they are lovely and will help concrete the new scheme with what we already have in the room.

Here's a scrapbook page I made at the Pontypridd crop, it was for the crop challenge which was based on a sketch. It's another wonky and drab picture I'm afraid!! I already had the idea to scrap the woodland that surrounded where we lived as kids from the "We Dare You" book, and the sketch fitted the photos and papers I was planning to use anyway so that was fun! The photo flips out to reveal a mini book; I seem to have a bit of a thing for flaps and pull out books at the mo with my scrapbooking!!

Catch ya later xxx


Gemma* said...

Hey Nat, glad to hear your placement turned out OK :) I've been cooking up some ideas for a clear album with acetates for a while . . . just haven't got round to trying it yet, I think i would work though. Me still recovering from nights, but think I'm gonna tear myself away from the sofa now and play with my new camera :D see ya soon x

germgirl said...

glad the first day went well :o)
Love that LO, well, I love all your LO's!
Enjoy the rest of your placement

Taniwha said...

Hey Nat, glad you're blogging again, I missed you! Glad to hear your school is good and love your LO's as always, you rock girl!

Penny aka Pennyk said...

Good to hear from you again Nat. Glad you enjoyed your placement.
Your lounge sound wonderful, love duck egg blue and brown together.

jay670120 said...

OMG ive just seen this L/O and ive done one very simular !!!!!
cant show you yet but keep a look on my blog after 23rd and i'll post it !!!!

Di said...

Sooooo pleased to hear about your placement honey.

And am I just loving your LO, it's're the inspiration I need to get scrapping again.

Keena said...

People should read this.