Saturday, February 02, 2008


I'm not ashamed to admit I lead a sheltered and sad life (lol). And if you weren't already aware of that fact, here is the proof:

I am absolutely PEEING MY PANTS with excitement that season 4 of LOST comes to our screens tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Yep, so I need to get a life. But I am excited!!! Season 3 ended with one hell of a cliff hanger and, apparently, we will be getting some answers in this season. Undoubtedly, these answers will just lead to more questions, but I don't care - I'm hooked man!!!! It means a 16 mile round trek to my mums to view it (as we've only got cable and those nasty peeps at Sky took Sky One from cable viewers), but I'll be armed with some suitable sugary snacks for the trip and Lost-fest, so it's all good! Hope the first episode will not be a disappointment.

I've been a good little bunny this week and I've joined the gym (again - yeah yeah, I know!!). But this time I get an amazing rate because I'm a student (if I only use the gym once a week I've already had my moneys worth) and the membership includes unlimited use of the gym and pool and all the classes that they offer, in all the sites all over Swansea. I've been to the gym twice and went swimming after uni yesterday. Tomorrow evening (before Lost lol) I'm going to aqua aerobics and for a swim.

Go me, oh newly crowned goddess of fitness!

I had my second uni assignment back this week. I was really nervous because although English has always been one of my favourite subjects, our assignment was as far removed from anything I had studied at GCSE and A-level as possible and really felt that I'd messed the essay up. Couple that with the fact that our results were delayed in being returned to us due to an unusually high proportion of fails which needed verifying (according to our lecturer), I was pretty much pooping my proverbial pants. So you can imagine I was totally surprised and relieved to have got an A :)

Here's another scrapbook page I've made in the last few weeks. Again, it gives a nod to the secret flap fetish I seem to have at the moment. It's for Ellie's album and explains why my grandparents wanted to be known to her by the German names for Gran and Grandpa. I wanted to include three pictures on the page, a group shot and one of Ellie with each of them, but the 8.5x11 size just wouldn't support it, hence the little mini book which pulls out from behind the main pic. It was also a great place to put a little bit of journalling about each of my grandparents in there and a brief account of how they met each other. I hope you are totally digging the blurry, wonky drab pics I'm posting of late!!!
This seemingly inconspicuous square of patterned paper pulls out and is, in fact, a mini book. Who ever thought scrapbooking could get so exciting huh?! rofl! Post again soon my lovelies xxx


jay670120 said...

i'm excited that lost is on too. Ive heard they are going to kill off a lot of the main characters but dont know if its this series or next ....bit sad theres only EIGHT episodes this season !!!
love the little tab book in this L/O xxx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the A xxx

Cee in SF said...

Woo hoo! Sounds like things are going quite nicely! Lost and an A. Does life get better? Sometimes, but we've gotta be happy with the little things in life!!

Happy scrapping!

Di said...

More of your gorgeous work, fabulous....I so love visiting your blog.

And an A....well done you xx

Carol said...

How wonderful to see you again! well done on the A grade go girl go!! lolxx
Well done on joining the gym too - you'll enjoy getting your monies worth now....
Take care girlie and great lo's!!