Friday, January 18, 2008

Back by popular demand!!

Well no, not exactly, but I did think it was about time I gave a little update to the land of the living!

A belated happy new year to you all, I hope 2008 bring much luck, love, happiness and health to everyone.

Not much has really gone on here, hence the lack of posts, as I have mainly been extremely busy with uni. We have had a flurry of assignments, the first of which I received back today. I'm really pleased (and even more relieved) to have got an A - finally, after four months a little insight into whether I'm on the right track or not. It has been weird ploughing on through the course with no marker to measure ourselves against but I guess that will start to change as our results begin to come back to us. I think we're due our English results next. Despite having always loved English, I must admit I'm not really enjoying that part of the course and am not holding much hope of having done well on my assignment. According to our lecturer, who has completed the marking, there are a lot of fails - so I'm resolving myself to be amongst them!!

We're starting out in school next week, just one day a week for about six weeks. I'm pretty nervous about it, and also a bit hacked off that out of all the schools in the city, right on my doorstep, that they work in conjunction with, I've been bloomin' well posted to one that's in proper woolly-back land. Seriously. It's a million miles away, up a mountain, on the edge of a cliff. Where no-one can hear you scream. With nothing for miles and miles. Not even a shop to buy a sandwich. Truly.

Ah well, I guess it's the luck of the draw. I was also a little disappointed that one of my besty mates on the course was originally posted there with me, but now has inexplicably been drafted somewhere else. On our doorstep her new place is too lol!!!

We had a lovely family Christmas and new year, albeit we were all really ill with the chest infection that I'd earlier seemed unable to shake for so long. It got much worse a couple of days before Christmas eve and unfortunately I passed it on to everyone in my family and we were all pretty rotten over the festive time. The good side of it was that it totally suppressed my appetite and I actually LOST weight over Christmas. Only 2lbs which have since probably gone straight back on - but that's got to be a first right?!!!! My Christmas dinner consisted of a tiny piece of turkey, a little roasted parsnip and one sprout. And that kept me going for the next couple of days! Unfortunately my mankiness meant my camera did not come out of its case over the holidays!

I've still got a bit of a cough and cattargh whirling around my head, but I'm happy to report that I'm much better healthwise now than I was for the whole of the autumn!

Other news is that Lee and I have booked ourselves a fortnight of Autumn sunshine for later this year. We're heading off to Tenerife for a fortnight and we're already really looking forward to it because in all the time we've been together we've never had a foreign holiday. Lee has never flown before and had a lot of anxieties regarding it, so I've got a fun-filled eight months of winding him up about the terrors of take off, landing, turbulence and crash statistics ahead of me!!!! *evil grin*

I'm afraid I've been pretty lax on the scrapbooking front due to being so busy with course work. Although I have had a couple of opportunities to dust off my stash at a couple of crops. Gems, my sis and I headed up to a new crop in Pontypridd last week and had a fab time. It's run by the lovely Penny and Ally, check out their website for more information if you're ever in the area with your stash lol!!! I've got two incomplete pages which I will endeavour to finish and share soon, but for the meantime here's one of Ellie in all her Halloween glory. It's a pretty rubbish picture so you do have my apologies, more about that below!
I'm pretty sure I've blogged about my cronky PC before now. Well we finally got a lovely shiny new one in the post-chrimbo sales, and as much as I love its speed and power - this bloody Vista malarky is driving me truly bonkers! Bring on the straight jacket we cry!! None of the programmes I'm used to using for editing my pics will run in Vista, and trying to find some decent alternatives that will is proving a nightmare. Even the editing software that came with my printer is rendered defunct in the new operating system, and the alternative download they have available for Vista is absolutely pants and doesn't have half of the features of the old one in it. Bummer indeed when you edit everything within an inch of its life!!!

Righty ho, that's it for now my lovelies. I have a geography assignment with an ever-looming deadline requiring my urgent attention! I am looking forward to spending some time catching up on all in Blogdom, and promise to be back soon. xxxx


Anonymous said...

good have you back. congrats on the A xx

Assignments will make more sense once you've started in school

Di said...

Great to see you back lovely. Can't wait to read more of your ramblings...LOL!!

Luv's ya

Caroline said...

Hello Nat, nice to see you back. Sorry you have been poorly, there is a lot of it around - must be the time of year. I've heard Vista is a bit of a pain but I hope you get that sorted soon.....

Gemma* said...

Hey, glad to see you're back in the world of blog too . . . though no HSMS pics . . .
Hope you enjoy your first outing into schools :)

Carol said...

Nat Whoaaa

Firstly Happy New year Flower and I hope that its truly a good one for you all xx

Secondly WELL DONE on that A!! fantastic and what a great start hey?

Glad to hear that you're on the end of those sniffles - been alot of it around this year. Hope the rest of the gang are on the mend too...

Glad to have you back girlie xx