Monday, July 16, 2007

I can read!

Now, I'm not going to pretend to be any kind of great literary critic, as I'd be the first to confess that I don't read any decent literature anywhere near often enough. As a child, I'd always be found with my head in a book, but since my late teens it's one of those things I struggle to make time for. However, I must share this book I've just read with you. I picked it up on a complete whim on Wednesday, mainly as I was on my way to work and there were no decent magazines in Borders that I had not already read (when I say decent, I really mean the likes of Heat and other trashy celeb mags, which says it all!)!! It usually takes me a few weeks to finish a book in dribs and drabs, but I read this over my three night shifts this week, I really couldn't put it down, so thought I'd just give it a little heads up for anyone looking for a summer holiday read :)

It's called The Memory Keepers Daughter - three guesses why that appealed to me?! It's about a doctor who, on delivering his newborn twins as an emergency during a heavy storm, makes a split-second, and life changing, decision.

It's got mixed reviews on Amazon, but from reading the comments I think quite a few people missed the point of the book. To me, it was about themes that almost everyone of us can empathise with at one level or another - about choices and their consequences; moments lost and unchangeable in time; love, family and friendship. It has some absolutely beautiful themes running through it which made me analyse the text in a manner I haven't done since taking A-level English! (Aye, 'ark at me!!)
I start a fortnight of annual leave tomorrow. Yay! Busy this week sorting out the house as my Uncle is coming to stay next weekend. He teaches foreign students English in Munich, and he's only able to come home every couple of years. This will be the first time he's met Ellie!
During my second week off I'm off to the Scrappers Unlimited Swansea Retreat. Really need to think about what photos I need to get printed to take with me. I cleaned the top half of Stanley (my Robox-come-scrapping-tote!) out this evening, and reorganised it with the stash I use most often......that only leaves his big carriage underneath, my expanding paper carrier and my huge Asda"bag for life" to sort out before I go. Groan. I won't even mention my craft room - it is such an absolute tip that I can't even get in there, bar a teeny "path" I've managed to excavate to get back and forth to the airing cupboard and central heating controls (who ever thought we'd need them in July, eh?!). Since my PC has moved down to the lounge from in there, I've totally neglected the room. Lee reckons the only reason I brought the computer down here in the first place was just because I couldn't bare to look at the mess anymore. Me? Surely not!! I also one day accused Lee of getting talc everywhere in there - but he pointed out that it was actually dust. Bum.
Catch you later bloggers xxxx


Thirteen Pink Ladybirds said...

I have this book, sitting on my beside table WAITING to be read. We must be psychic! LOL!

Have fun at the Scrappers' Retreat.... xx

Caz said...

Enjoy your time off Nat. Have fun @ Scrapper Unlimited, and don't forget to share your LO's when you get back.

Aubrey Harns said...

I bought this book last year to take on vacation and only got 4 pages in before I misplaced it. I just found it 2 weeks ago. It's now sitting on my hubby's dresser - I think I'll take it with me Friday, when we leave for vacation! Thanks for reminding me. Your scraproom sounds like mine. I only have a little path through - I actually have to clean it?! I guess so if I ever want to scrap again! Enjoy your vacation.

Sarah aka Gertie said...

book sounds interesting Nat,may have to see if I can get hold of it,I love reading :-D

Have a great time at the retreat, fingers crossed that the food will be better than the last one LOL.

Was gonna say my craft room sounds like yours but I don't have one, just the kitchen (really must get on and clear the table of stash eeeeeeek) xx

Cee in SF said...

Nice. I'll need something new to read after I get through with my #7.

I've got loads of organizing to do, too, and am not looking forward to it. We're in a heat wave and I can't peel myself off the couch and the fan long enough to do anything about it. The beau is none too pleased.

Hysteri-CAL said...

Must buy this book - sounds fabby.

PML @ the talc !!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh that book sounds interesting - might have to purchase that one :o)


Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot - you rock!!!

Consider yourself tagged - check out my blog for more xxx

Gemma* said...

you mentioned sorting out stash and 12x12 . . .are you not planning on taking any clothes to Swansea??? LOL! Me just about packed, just wish the weather would decide what to do . . . see you there!