Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oink oink!!

Well, I had a piggy wiggy of a week last week. Nothing terrible now I look back, just some uncertain news that couldn't have had better timing that we're still awaiting an outcome to, plans going wrong, Ellie being ill, people not turning up when you've gone to great lengths, things in general just going wrong - all in all leaving me stressed, exhausted and feeling quite crap.

Also, a stolen car was dumped and set alight in the field right behind our house. We had no idea of how much petrol was in it and how quickly it could blow up. It was quite scary watching from inside and hearing components shooting off at the high pressure caused by the heat. It seemed to take forever for the fire brigade to arrive and in the mean time I was petrified it was going to blow into firey smithereeens which would rain down on our house. Luckily they got to it in time, and this was the result the next day.

Never mind though, onwards and upwards. Ellie is on the mend, it turned out to just be a viral D&V type virus - but at the time she had the symptoms of something much worse and it was quite scary! I know all kids have scares like that all the time, but it doesn't make it any less worrying! I love my little neice so much!

It was my sis's birthday last week. My bro in law asked if I could make her a card from Ellie (her first birthday as a mum!), so I whipped up something cute and simple, I wanted it to be childlike. I chose the flowers from the old scenic route paper as Kat had pointed it out to me a few days before and really liked it, I got to give my new Elsie rub-ons an outing. I haven't had time to sharpen up the pic, but I'm sure you get the gist!

I made this one from me & Lee, with a little help from a sketch on the CPS blog.
I'm off tomorrow to the fabby Swansea Retreat, all stash and nibbles are packed, my house looks like a chinese laundry with clothing hanging from every radiator and as soon as they are dry and ironed, I can pack and be ready to go! Wish me luck for my class!

Catch up soon xxx


Cee in SF said...

Someone just dumped a stolen car all alight by your home? That's craziness!

It made for a cool pix, though. And Ellie's card to her mom was adorable.

Glad folks are on the mend!

Sarah aka Gertie said...

Glad everyhting got sorted quickly with the car, gorgeous cards. Have a fab time at the retreat and I'm sure your class will be great :-D xx

Anonymous said...

That is awful about the car!

Your cards are absolutely beautiful! :o) I bet Kat loved them.

You will do awesome in your class hun, it is beautiful