Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sunny Days!

Yay! Sunshine!! Although admittedly, clouds are a-forming over head as I type!!!

I've got some scrapbook pages to share with you. I've hit a new record for myself and have actually made three pages in just two days, which I've never managed to do before (aside from at crops/retreats). Go me! I think it's something to do with the size though, 8.5x11 seems to flow more easily and come together more quickly.

I've been meaning to scrap Ellie, now that she's away and crawling, for a few weeks, but catching a decent photo has proved impossible as she's just too quick! However, Ali Edwards made a LO using a blurry pic in the latest edition of CK, and advised that if you want to tell a story and all you have is blurry pics, just go ahead and use them anyway - the story is the important thing. How true. So I did. And I think the blurriness actually accentuates the theme anyway, hence the title, Life's a Blur. It's a bit freestyle-ish and was fun to do.Excuse this next terrible photo, it's all shapes!! I can assure you that all the papers are all straight in real life!! This page is for my niece telling her all about these two special people, our Auntie Jean & Uncle Bob (who aren't actually our Aunt and Uncle, but rather are distant cousins), and how excited we were for them to come and stay to visit her for the first time earlier this year. The journaling is hidden on a tag you can just see poking out from behind the pic.And the last one is a cute pic of her when she was just 3 weeks old! It seems so long ago now!!Well earlier this morning I used the opportunity of a bit of sunshine to nip out into the garden to cut back all the stuff the recent bad weather has drowned and killed. I was surprised at how much I had to get rid of, but hopefully some will grow back before the end of the season. I had left all the rubbish in a garden tidy ready to put in the compost bin, and when I nipped to the kitchen to take my photo for todays' HS:MS Holiday Game, I found that two little mischievous monkeys had decided it would make a great bed for a spot of sunbathing!Millie:Bella:Anyway, my word for today was Sugar. I'm sure there's loads of it in this. Seeing I went to the effort of cutting a huge slab and putting it on a plate to take a photo, I thought it was only fair I cut a small slice off for myself afterwards. Jolly nice it was too!!!!!
Speak soon blogeroonies xxx


Louise said...

I lovethe blur LO... tis fab my dear, well done:)
Look at those kitty cats, making themselves comfy where they shouldn't...LOL!!!
And as for your swiss roll... surely that is the small slice you photographed... looks like a Louise size portion to me...LOL!!!

Vanda said...

I adore the 'Lifes a Blur' LO it's fantastic, well done you!! Great photos of the garden and I love your sugar one, must go and see if we've got any cake ~ lol!

Aubrey Harns said...

I think I'm going into diabetic shock just looking at your sugar picture! Great shot. :) Thanks for your comments on my blog - I've finally gotten around to posting a photo - I'm going to try and get back on track. Keep your fingers crossed! Hope all is well.

Penny aka Pennyk said...

They are just the cutest pussy cats, they look kinda naughty too Nat.:-)I think you have spoken far to soon about the sunshine, you embrassed it and now its gone and hidden again! LOL.

Beth said...

Hiya lovely, I've not been around much, so sorry for not popping by. Bootiful LO of Ellie when 3 weeks old, time certainly does fly, doesn't it? Hope your alright, see you soon. XX

Dawnie said...

Go speed scrapper!!!! I am so impressed-I'd have to lie down if I completed three layouts in one sitting:) And they are all so gorgeous too-especially love "blur"

Cee in SF said...

As always, I love the pix, but the cats enjoying the garden clippings is so fun. Makes me wish I was a kid again jumping in piles of leaves.