Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thanking you!!

BIG thank you to you all for replying to my little dilemma, either here or on UKScrappers. For those who can't read the original post over there - I'm thinking about throwing in the towel at work and heading to uni to train as a teacher. Well, I've contacted the university regarding the I'll keep you updated on whether I'm going to become a student all over again or not!!

Had a lubberly lunch today with the fabby Gems......not to mention some lovely surprise scrapping gifts and the most fabby hand made card for my birthday this Sunday! You would never believe it's the first card she's ever made (I'm very honoured in that respect!) - but she is super talented so I wouldn't really expect anything less than wonderful from her! So we had a great lunch and went for the full three courses – we were jolly glad we plumped for desert in the end too as they were yummy.

So, with a full tummy, my birthday celebrations are underway!! The Queen may very well have two birthdays, I’m sure that suits her fine, but moi, I like to celebrate over five days lol! Lunch today with Gems, having a fortune-telling evening and buffet tomorrow with family and friends, Saturday evening my Mum and Sister are coming around for a Chinese and to watch Most Haunted Live, Sunday night Lee and I are off out for a meal, and Monday I’m out for lunch again!!

My life is not usually such a whirl of social occasions, and although I’m not sure if I have enough outfits to wear, I’m looking forward to it :) And no time for house work – such a pity. (And I truly mean that – my house is like a pig sty. I haven’t hoovered upstairs for about a week – not good with four cats and a balding Alsatian!!)

Craftwise: I’ve been beavering away at a little Inspiration Journal too over the last two days; a place to record any ideas for scrapbooking that often spring to mind. Rather than having scraps of paper all over the place they’ll be handily together in one book. I’ve only got the page dividers to add and I’m all done – so hopefully will be back tomorrow with some pictures … watch this space blogeroonies xxx


Caz said...

Nat, do whatever will make you happy. Life is far to short to spend your time doing a job you would rather not be doing....Only YOU can make the change. I did....and it was the best thing I ever did....apart from Georgia and marriage that is.

Cee in SF said...

Happy b-day!! Perfect timing for soul searching.

As a Leo, I fully support multi-day b-day celebrations. It should be the norm, not the exception.


Chrissie said...

I feel slighted.

You didn't mention coming to scrap and lunch chez moi tomorrow.


(Seriously...what time you coming over chicken? 10.30?)

Di said...

Nat, have a wonderful, fabulous, amazing, terrific, fantastic, brilliant birthday hun! :-)

Can't wait to see your journal, c'mon get your finger out and get it done.

~*Gems*~ said...

The journal is gorgeous! :o)

As for lunch, mmm yummy wasn't it?! But ssshhh you're not meant to tell everyone we had dessert aswell! Glad you liked your pressies.

Love much xxx

Beth said...

HAPPY BIRFDEE TO YOU NAT XX Sounds like your a busy girl over next few days. Go and spoil yourself and enjoy every minute. How kind of Gems to treat you to some lovely things. As for the little turmoil, you go with what your heart tells you. You'll do it. Love Beth XX

Gaye said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNY :) hope you have had a fabby day

Totally agree with the rest you must do what makes you happy :) xx

Anonymous said...

Terrific, that' s exactly what I was seeking for! You just spared me alot of work