Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ellie Belly

Thanks for your birthday wishes - had a wonderful weekend (and Chrissie.........................whoops.........email on its' way!!!!).

Just a quick post really to add some updated pics of Ellie, I know my Aunty Jean in London loves logging on for updates on how our newest (and cutest) family member is doing!!

It's hard to believe she'll be 16 weeks old this week!! At the moment her two favourite pass times consist of firstly trying to put everything in her mouth - it's usually both her hands at the same time, but the occasional toy, burpie rag, or even someone elses finger does the job too! Her second one is being lifted high up into the air, as in this first photo, but she's quickly starting to weigh a ton so I hope it's a short lived phase!! Ellie's the queen of hats and looks sooo cute in them - but she wasn't best pleased when I insisted on a photo in this wooly little number:

Later peeps xxx


Anonymous said...

Aww she is such a cutie :o) xx

Di said...

Awww bless, you're right though, time just flies doesn't it!