Monday, February 19, 2007

Cross Roads

I'm not referring to that dodgy ITV soap of years gone by....

I'm at one in my life, and although I think I know what I need to's scaring the pants off me, as well as worrying me a bit about how we'll cope.

What am I gabbering about?! Well I've stuck a post here, - my full explanation is on the second page so have a nose and I'd love to hear your HONEST opinions (please don't just say things like go for it - you'll be great! lol!!)

Confused, Swansea xxxx lol xx


Beth said...

Hiya lovely, I've left my comment via your link. You'll do the right thing, I'm sure. Thinking of you. Beth XX

Chrissie said...

Funnily enough, I was thinking about you the other day and thinking that you seemed wasted in your current job. Ha!

As far as the debt goes, get yourself talking to a good Independent Financial Advisor (I have a very good one if you want a recommendation) who can advise on how to keep youself financially stable during the time you're at uni.

Danny was miserable in his work (MIZZZZZ-ERABLE) and so we came here and he was a student for 3 years. While we've not had tons of money (who has!?) while he's been studying, and I've had to work hard, Danny's completely LOVES what he's doing now and goes off yippety-skip into work every day. He's so very much happier.

And if you do have children before you finish 2 years of teaching, then so what? You'll adjust your course again, and go sailing off on that new horizon.

All these things (getting an education, being parents, fulfilling potential etc.) are WHY WE ARE HERE ON EARTH!! Of course we don't approach them with a devil-may-care attitude...we have to think things through (we've also been given brains!) but on the other hand, our lives are NOT about dull monotony and never stretching ourselves.

But do (as I say) talk to an IFA. And let those babies come once you're free to do it (although, you know I'm going to say this...get married first!)

Primary Teacher - YAH!!!!! FAB!!!!

Oh...and if you did your course in Newport, it's a 3 year course, not 4.

Chrissie xxxx

Tina said...

Can't top Chrissie's comments!

I know it would be tough: but don't leave yourself 'Wishing that you had....'.

Lots of love from 'One who knows'!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Hunny! I was waiting for this! :o)

I think you would make a great primary school teacher!

With regards to finances when you are studying. It is difficult, but it can be done. There are grants available to you and if you are earning under a specific amount then the local education authority pay the tuition fees (about £2000 a year). Also there are Student Loans which allow you up to approximately £3000 a year, which you don't have to pay back until you are earning.
I know there are also new bursaries coming into action for the academic year 2007/8 but I am not sure what they are about to be honest.

The Primary Education course in Swansea was a great course and I loved the academic side of things, but hated the actual teaching practice - teaching just wasn't for me! The course is 3 years with the option to do 4.

Something to bear in mind is the lack of teaching jobs. Most of my friends who graduated from the course have been unable to find teaching jobs in the South Wales area, but those who have been willing to move away have successfully managed to find a job. But as I have read from your post on UkScrappers, you don't seem to mind the prospect of moving elsewhere?!

As for thinking you are too old?! There are lots of mature students who enrol on the course. And lol you are so not old anyways!

I'm sure you'll make the right desicion hunny! Good luck to you. You know where I am should you need a chat.

Love and hugs, Gems xx xx

Anonymous said...

Gosh that was a little long wasn't it?! Sorry! xx

Caroline said...

I've left a message on UKS too Nat. If you feel it is right then go for it........

Di said...

I've left a reply on your thread on UKS too hun.

Get in touch if you want to chat.

Good luck hun :-)

Cee in SF said...

OK, I can't read your original post, but I gather from the encouraging words of your friends that you're contemplating a career change, worry about the finances during school, and wonder how do kids fit into the picture.

You must know that one is never too old to go back to school. NEVER. Personally, living a little before finishing school is a better scenario anyway. You know what you want and are eager to learn. You'll make the best student!

I like Chrissie's idea about talking to an expert to help plan the financial scneario during school. Nothing brings piece of mind like a succinct, realistic plan.

As for kids, friends have always said to just have them and you'll figure the rest out. I don't believe that. If you plan for them thoughtfully, you'll be better prepared for everything - ups and downs.

I support change - especially if you'll end up happier for it. No point in making money if you are not happy with what you do. Carpe diem, Nat!

Chrissie said...

With regard to what Gems said... I was 32 when I started the 4 year degree at Swansea. Loved it! And I was by no means alone either...there were plenty of other mature students. You're WAY younger than that... you'll be fine!!

I agree with the job situation in Wales though. Teaching jobs here are pretty hard to come by (glut of teachers in the area) whereas if you're willing to move somewhere like Reading (:D) then you can get a job easy peasy pops.