Monday, February 19, 2007

Random Happy Pics #3

Hoho - I bet you've been waiting impatiently for the next installment of my happy pictures haven't you?!!! Well that painful wait is over my friends...........

But it's a bit of a selfish selection I'm afraid - having worked the last couple of nights I've not had time to listen to the Paul McKenna CD's for four days and I've gone a bit off the rails and eaten like a wild beast!! So I've been wandering around my kitchen snapping things hoping it would remind me how to correctly embrace my love of food and set me back on track!!!!

First up - our pre-planned menu for the week - this pic is to remind me of what gorgeous food I can eat on the plan as long as I follow "the rules".

Second up is my fab and funky Kitchen wall clock - my sister bought it for us and it looks so fab against our duck-egg-blue kitchen walls :) I chose this picture to remind myself that I MUST eat whenever I'm hungry, and not be ruled by conventional thoughts about the appropriateness of the times that I should eat my meals.

Fascinating stuff. I'm sure you're enthralled by my choices lol! Here's to getting back on track! xxx

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