Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Norty Norty!

I've been a vewwwwy naughty girlie!

My arm has been well and truly twisted (ouch!) and I have booked a place at the Scrappers Unlimited Brecons 2 retreat in April, despite the daunting situation that I will be lacking the companionship of my scrapping partner in crime, Gems (bluming Uni finals - who needs 'em eh?!)

Those of you who REALLY know me will know what I shy little wimp I really am, and what a big step going to something like this all on my lonesome is!

So if I spend the weekend crying for my mamma, Chrissie Willicombe will be held solely responsible for my emotional distress, ok?!!!

Will try my hardest to be back tomorrow with a proper update and some piccies.

Love ya xxxx


Di said...

Ooh sounds absolutely fabby Nat, wish I was going.

And, hey, you'll be fine hun, once you get there there'll be no stopping you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sucks I can't come - big time! :o(
I'm sure you will have a fabby time though, you are so lovely you will make lots of new friends! :o)

Beth said...

Aww Nat, so glad you've booked. Wish I'd know about it, maybe my arm could have been twisted too, and we could have gone together, oh darn it I say! Only a couple of mins up the road from me too, typical isn't it? You'll have a fab time, maybe I can pop in to say hello, eh? Wish I'd known. Beth XX

Anonymous said...

nat - you'll have a brill time - heck - you'll have loads in common with the other girls - go scrap and wow em honey x

Chrissie said...

Don't you blame me Natalie Grant! LOL!!!!

You'll have a fab time (I've already told her I'll give her money off the next retreat if she truly is miserable at this one! That means I'm not allowed to see her laughing or smiling at all the whole weekend!)

I'm going to introduce you to Helen...

Gaye said...

you will have a fabulous time