Friday, November 17, 2006

Catch Up!

Cruising UKS this evening and a couple of blog prompts caught my eye and I thought I’d play catch up!

Tuesday’s Prompt: "Just living is not enough" said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." Hans Christian AndersenWhat do YOU need to be more than 'just living'? Are you doing/getting it now?
Ok, so this is going to sound way too corny – but it’s very true – what more can I want than the unconditional love of my family and the warmth of my friends? With none of these special people around me life would be dull.

Wednesday’s Prompt: What has been the best time of your life? Why?
It’s hard to pin point the one best time of my life. This is because things just seem to get better all the time. I don’t mean that in a yee-ha woo-hoo hang out the flags literal sense – it’s just that I find, even when times are difficult or don’t seem to be panning out as I wish, they soon pass and things start to fit into place and come together, and the overall experience and lessons learnt along the way make life better in itself -make me a more open, learned and better person. No matter how bad (or even how good!) things appear, I always find that if I look back a couple of weeks, or months or years, I feel that life seems, in one way or another, better in the here and now. Does that make any sense to anyone else?!!!

Thursday’s Prompt: Treasures are positive things that strike our fancy, that make us feel happy or thankful or interested. Treasures are events or feelings encapsulated in our memories, usually in just a few words. The things we treasure reveals something about us. Today's prompt: List 5 Treasures from the past week. Discuss each very briefly.
1) My first cuddle with my beautiful and precious newborn niece last Friday.
2) Having a dream that Lee and I had taken a holiday to Africa. In real life Lee will not fly, but in my dream his flight was a success! We spent time catching golden tans and looking at wooden carvings in a beautiful shopping mall. The dream was so relaxing, I woke up feeling totally refreshed and that I had really been on holiday!
3) My, and I quote, “firm friendship” with Gems Meadon being immortalised forever in the pages of Scrapbook Inspirations magazine – love ya chick!
4) Lee phoning me at work to tell me he loves me, even though he threw the remote control at me in a temper before I left – resulting in it breaking! Ooops!
5) Having a good catch up with my friend Ali on the phone – miss her so much since she left work. I’m terrible at keeping in touch with peeps, but she makes sure we don’t loose touch.

So that’s me all caught up on some recent prompts. There’s at least a couple of scrapbook pages in there somewhere I reckon!!

Katrina and Andrew went home with Ellie on Sunday, and she’s even more gorgeous out of hospital!! Her hair is an inch long – it’s amazing! It’s quite funny but she seems happiest in the arms of a strong man – lol – don’t know where she gets that from! What a girl! Will have to get some more photos uploaded. But I can confirm she’s already been scrapped – I made her LO on Sunday afternoon in response to last weeks UKS challenge. It’s suitably pink and sparkly, and as soon as I get round to taking a pic I’ll add it here for your perusal!!
Until then my lovelies, take care xxx


Di said...

Great prompts Nat, not corny at all hun. I have to agree that life does get better and better!

Ellie's hair an inch long!! Blimey! Looking forward to seeing more pics. xx

Anonymous said...

Aww :o) That was a nice thing to say about us wasn't it?! :o) I have eventually seen it now, I picked it up in Borders on my way home from uni this afternoon!
I want to see little Ellie's first layout! You know how impatient I am, get it uploaded!