Friday, November 10, 2006

Introducing Miss Ellie Melissa Grey

I'm sure she'll fast become the star of many a scrapbook page near you soon!!! We are all totally in love and I think this post needs little words as the pictures speak for themselves. Mamma and babba expecting to return home tomorrow afternoon!!!!

Ellie Sleeping In Auntie Nattie's Arms Wrinkly Little Hands Little Pixie!
Mummy's GirlProud Dad
Very Proud NannyProud Uncle Lee Thanks for looking blogeroonies!!! xxxx


Beth said...

Cor Nat, they are blinking blinking gorgeous. First look at Ellie and I could see your face exactly in her, your cheeks and everything, she's beautiful. Look at those little wrinkly tiny hands too, aww, bless her. It's all go from now for your sister too, send her my love and say well done. Beth XX

Anonymous said...

:o) Awww! :o) I'm feeling all broody again now! She is absolutely gorgeous! I can't remember Ashton being so small now. Time certainly flies, make sure you tell Kat to treasure whilst she is so tiny as they grow so so fast. No doubt you will, but take hundreds of photos over the coming months :o)
~*Gems*~ xx

Pauline said...

She's absolutely gorgeous...congrats on being an Aunt!

Chrissie said...

I agree with Beth...I could see you in that little baby's face immediately!

Well done Aunty Nat!

Awwwww. I feel mega broody!

Helen @ Krafters said...

Welcome Lil'
Miss Ellie Melissa Grey.
Lots of love and mega congratulations from all at Krafters Gorseinon

Shhhh!!! the baby's sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Oh and where is the photo of Ellie with proud Aunty Nattie? The one in your arms doesn't count! :o) And look at Lee! Awww! Looks like quite the natural! xx

Di said...

Awww bless, she's gorgeous Nat. I have to agree with Beth too, as soon as I looked at the first pic I saw you immediately.

I love her name too, beautiful :-)

Gaye said...

Aww! Nat, aint she cute :)

Nat xxx said...

Awww fanks everyone! I think you think she looks like me in these pics as she was all puffy from her journey in to the world!! Apparently it's gone down a bit today and she looks like her Daddy :)

As for the photo of me with her - Lee took it and needless to say it was bloomin' awful!! I hastily deleted it from the pc and now i'm kicking myself as it recorded our first ever cuddle together :( I'm sure there'll be plenty more pics of us together to come though!!!

Hysteri-CAL said...

Awwww well done Nats sister - its been a long wait for us all !!!

what a cutie as well - please pass on all my love xx

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