Friday, November 10, 2006

Read all about it!!


Eleven days overdue, and after almost 35 hours of labour, I'm absolutely ecstatic to announce that little Ellie Melissa has made her long awaited appearance into the word!!

Yey! It's a girl!!

Weighing in at a healthy 8lb 1oz (not too big after all!) - Cee is the lucky winner of the guess the weight game (drop me an email Cee so we can sort out your pressie!). Mum and Ellie are both doing well!

A big thank you to everyone who joined in the fun, and everyone who has been sending their love and support and eagerly awaiting the news just as we have been! It means so much to me, and to my sister, that so many people, in some cases so far away, care :)

As luck would have it – I haven’t seen my new little niece yet! We sat waiting outside the delivery suite from lunch time, and having to work this evening even arranged cover to go in a little later to wait out for the big announcement, but time was pressing on and I eventually had to leave for work at 8.35 – with little Ellie coming in to the world at twenty to nine!!! I’m gutted to have missed out on cuddles tonight with her, but my sister did find the time to send me a photo text of her though - so I've at least got an idea of how cute and scrumptious a little bundle she is!!

I can hardly contain my excitement for visiting hours tomorrow! I promise to get loads of cute pictures and share them with you all asap!!!

Nite nite xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Yay! A pink one! :o) Congratulations on becoming an Aunty. I have already told you this on the phone I know! But I still wanted to reply on your blog hehe :o)

Beth said...

Absolutely brilliant news Nat, it's always the same though when you go to leave, you'd guess that would happen. Anyway, glad all is well for Mum and Ellie, what an awful long time for her though. Don't forget to post some pics on here and our thread. Beth XX

Gaye said...

YAY! congrats Aunty Nattie and to your sister. Welcome to the world Ellie :)

Cee in SF said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so glad everything went well and all are happy and healthy!!

Di said...

Fabby news Nat. I missed the big announcement I was at the NEC. Never mind better late than never LOL!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!

I'm off to look at her pics now :-)

Cee in SF said...

What's the best way to send you my info seeing as how I'm the lucky winner!!?