Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Yep – I’m feeling all fluffy on the inside this evening! (In a good way I hasten to add – not in a windy way!)

Today Lee and I whiled away the hours at a health spa in Cardiff – it was my Christmas pressie from last year………..the thought of having to climb into a swimming cossie put me off booking it for 10 months, but seeing as the voucher expires on Friday I thought I better get my big lardy butt into that lycra hell that is my swimsuit and make good use of my sweetie’s thoughtful gift.

But after all that worrying, it was lush, I must say, and worth all the squeezing, flab folding and roll adjusting it took to get into my bather, as well as all the industrial breath-holding necessary whist making my wibble-wobble way from the changing rooms to the pool, to the Jacuzzi, and back again. We also made use of the sauna and steam bath (don’t know what the scented stuff infused in the steam was, but not sure if it was really legal to drive home after getting a lung full of that in ya!) But the best part of the day just had to be the back massage and facial we had at the Elemis salon. It truly was heaven on earth and I probably would have fallen asleep on the treatment table if I hadn’t been so self-conscious of the possibility of revealing my elephant-strangling-a-hippo style snoring in such idyllic surroundings (well, in public in general if truth be told!)

The facilities were fab and even the changing rooms were to die for – (now excuse me if this is everyday life for you, but you are reading my blog here y’ know!) – the towels were soo fluffy; there was a machine to spin your cossie off in and bags to put your wet kit into; and then these huge dressing table areas, complete with beautifully laid out tissues, cotton pads, hairdryers and even hand cream for your use after a swim. Yummbelina!

Hence the lubberly fluffy warm feeling inside and out – my skin is just sooooo smooth! Of course – I had a perfect complection already (mwooohahaha), but it’s now even wonderfuller!!!!

Only downside to the whole ordeal is that Lee thinks it would be fab for us to go swimming three times a week now – "fabby" I cry through gritted teeth and watering eyes! Doesn’t he realise that I do not wish to repeat the ordeal of twenty mintues to squeeze into a swimsuit and another 45 to peel it off again anytime soon………(how come they are sooooo much trickier once they’ve got wet – it’s like trying to strip off a layer of skin and half your innards to boot! Youch!!!) Unless of course it involves another facial and massage!!!! Hehehe!!

The other thing is that if we had facilities like that nearer here I'd go flippin well twice a DAY if he wanted, they were that luxurious, but truth is our local pools are so manky that the mere thought of them is enough to bring me out in verrucae, perish the thought of taking an actual dip in one.

Other lovely happenings this week have been having lunch with Gems and gorgeous Ashton – awwww she’s such a sweetie – well they both are really lol!

And also – for the first time in yeeeeears – I’ve read a book! Yes I know – I can hear the guffaws amongst you now – but ‘tis true – I can really read! Just haven’t done it in a long time what with my crazy shifts and sleep pattern! But I saw advertised earlier this week that one of my favourite books of all time, The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett, has been made into a two-part chrimbo special for Sky. They spent six million squiddies on it and the heart warming David Jason is starring in one of the lead roles – so it should be a goodun! If you’ve never read a Discworld novel, but have an off-the-wall sense of humour and enjoy fantasty type stuff (or not even!) – you don’t know what you’ve been missing! So I dusted off my copy for a re-read – and sat in the corner tittering to myself all through Saturday, much to the annoyance of Lee who was apparently trying to watch the X-factor (Which in fact brings me to another point. Should I be worried about this?! Does anyone else’s male spouse watch this talent show with more interest than themselves?!)

Well, that’s it for now me finks as I’m all fluffied out! Catch up with you all soon!


Chrissie said...

Hey Nats, the pool at Port Talbot (would you believe) is fabulous. And has fountains and wave machiney things, and a jacuzzi. And 'family' changing rooms (great if you have kids, which you don't, but I do...well...kid.)

LOL at the line about "industrial breath-holding" :D

There's also a gym, sauna and steam room and small pool at that place in Llanelli (ummm...Diplomat Hotel). But the pool isn't really for swimming. It's for wallowing in like a hippo.

Cee in SF said...

Great! Now I want a spa experience, too!! I have a certificate that I've been saving, but who am I kidding? I need some relaxation now!

I'm also gonna go looking for the Hogfather at the book store. Sounds like I would like it.

Gaye said...

well my fluffy friend i will look forward to the 'HogFather' cos i loves Terry Prachett havent read all the books yet

Beth said...

Oh Nat, I know I've said this before, you sound just like me lovely. The thought of having to go swimming more than once a year is like, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, get me outta here, lol. Glad you went and had a lovely sauna etc. As for the X Factor thing, hmmmmmm, Simon isn't interested in it, though me and lil un watch it, so he just has to like it or go into the norty room, oh yes!! I think it's cool if Lee likes it, bless him lil bum! Btw, hows Amy Melissa and Mum? Beth XX

Nat xxx said...

Mamma and Babba doing fine thanks sweetie!

And Chrissie - when I type swimming, erm...yes.....read "wallowing like a hippo"......to the Diplomat it is then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Di said...

Wow Nat, the fluffy experience sounds fabby.

Guess I might be dropping a hint or 2 after Chrimbo!!

Anonymous said...

Aww it sounds like bliss! :o) I <3 swimming. Hate getting into my costume now too, what with my baby belly jiggling everywhere. Its great being able to carry Ashton in though, she kinda hides some of the bouncy bits!! But she absolutely adores swimming, so swimming we must go every now and then :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh and what is it with swimming costumes making you look like you only have one boob?!
Or is that just me?!

Nat xxx said...

Mine made me look like I had three boobs?!!!! Not sure which is worse!

LPinky said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! I so need to visit a spa, Im starting to scare small children in the street!! Although after having 2 kids, my body resembles a beached whale!!


Rhi said...

The spa experience sounds wonderful, I wonder how they get their towels that extra fluffy way... there mut be a trade secret out there somewhere!

I found your blog through links, hope you dont mine me stopping by.

Rhi x

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