Monday, December 04, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

And the proof is in the Christmas pudding! Or rather, in these likkle shots of our festively decked-out home.

We're so excited - Christmas is just the yummiest time of the year! We've got fairy lights around all the windows, icicle lights from the roof and porch (which are taking a battering in these gales - according to BBC Wales the winds topped 98mph here at Mumbles Head today!), and twinkly swags of stars draped from every given surface. It's so lovely to come home to all the warmth and light when it's so cold and grey outside.

Our colour scheme is actually purple and silver- but I love the way that these photos have got warmer tones to them cast by the unique glow of the fairy lights - so festive! Here are some snaps of the little things that make our home feel special at this time of year.

Close up of the Candle ArchBaubles

Stocking holder

And most importantly for those of you who want a likkle photo update of my beautiful niece Ellie - here she is at three weeks old! What a monkey! She's now feeding like a hungry horse and putting on lots of weight! I can't believe that she will be a month old on Thursday!
Take care my lovelies xxx


Anonymous said...

The decorations look gorgeous sweetie! I'll have to pop over and have a proper nose. :o)
Aww look at little miss Ellie, isn't she scrumptious! She looks like she has grown already though. So cute!

Cee in SF said...

You've inspired me to pull out the ol' box of holiday decorations. I love the cheery tree!

Happy holidays!

Beth said...

Aww Nat, those decorations look really warm and super lovely, and the purple is definately snazzy, looks lovely honestly. As for little Ellie, well, she is simply beautiful. Beth XX

Gaye said...

great photos Nat, so warm and cosy
ickle cutie, Ellie :)

Di said...

Fabby dec's Nat, isn't it just such a fabby time of year.

Awww, and little Ellie, just gorgeous!!

LPinky said...

Ellie is sooo cute! & the decorations are lovely.x

Chrissie said...

Lovely pics Nat. And wow...Ellie is already growing and changing! The cutie.