Sunday, November 05, 2006

For Ye Olde Impatient Bloggers!!!

Alright, alright already!!

I haven't updated, but that's because I've been holding out thinking my next post would be the birth announcement - but the naughty likkle bubba still hasn't made an appearance yet - leaving my poor ole sis ever so tired and fed up!

Baby is now one week over due - which is quite something considering that the medical team never thought she'd go full term in the first place!!

Kat's booked in to be induced on Wednesday - however she phoned earlier to say she thinks that, in the words of wrinkly crooner Rod Stewart (sorry Mum, but he is wrinkly these days!), tonight's the night, as she "feels different".

So.....maybe by tomorrow I'll be an aunty?!!!

Promise to be back tomorrow with a proper update and some scrapping-related photos - unfortunately I have to now drag myself off to work for a sleep-in shift I volunteered to cover weeks ago. Strange how it always seems a good idea at the time - but how sorry you are when they come around!

And a big thanks to everyone who's joined in the guess the baby weight fun - it's not too late if anyone else wants to register a guess on the last post :)

Catch you all soon xxx


Anonymous said...

Oooh I wonder if you will be an Auntie tomorrow?! :o)

Di said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for the big announcement today :-)

Gaye said...

me too! fingers x for your sister

Anonymous said...

Ok...I'm not being impatient or anything, but has she had it yet?! :o)

Beth said...

Waiting for the news, just thought I'd say.......hee, hee. Hope your sister's doing alright, bless her, it's blinking hard the last going off. Beth XX

Cee in SF said...

Wow! I thought for sure I'd be reading the baby announcement today. Wish your sis the best!