Tuesday, November 07, 2006

*Twiddling my Thumbs*

No news to report on the bubba front I'm afraid! On the suggestion of Helen from Krafters this morning we tried eating icecream whilst driving (quickly) over speed bumps, but it didn't work either!!! Poor girl!

Anyway - I do have some pictures, as promised!

The first is the long awaited double layout of Burryport Harbour. It's taken me about a month to finish in dribs and drabs, but 'tis done now. Rome weren't built in a day y'know! It's a bit of a change to the more muted tones I've been working with lately - but felt the bright and bold Scenic Route papers were just perfect for the pictures. Other elements used were the chipboard letter from Provocraft, and the Plain Jane chipboard arrow which I heat embossed to give it a lovely black shiny finish. The letter stickers are by Kelly Pannachi (I think!), blossoms by Prima and Bazzill Basics and the yummy ribbons are American Craft. And what self respecting page of mine would be seen without a splash of machine stiching whirred across it?!!!!
The main photo of Lee flips up to reveal the story of how Amelia Earhart, the world famous airwoman, and her crew made their historical landing in the tiny harbour marking the first transatlantic crossing by a woman. Who'd have though a tiny village in South Wales would have played such an important role in history eh?!

Next up is the page I'd planned of Me, Mum and Kat's big bump, describing how we have to stand sideways to give her a hug at the moment! This page was quite a breath of fresh air for me as I managed to finish it in around four hours! Woohoo! As I mentioned ages ago when talking about Ali Edwards' simple style, I'm really determined to shave down the time spent on my pages in order to become more productive and get all those memories scrapped - and I feel I achieved that here. I tried to just go with the flow rather than painfully deliberating over every tiny detail, and the bold colours help compensate for the simplicity of the design. I've also been reading Elsie's book too - so I'm busy doodling over all my photos at the moment!!!

My last page was the one I completed at the South Wales crop and got a wee prize for. The challenge was to complete a page around the theme of being busy – and as you all know my favourite pastime is to busy myself doing nothing!! So the words of the song formed a cute little border right around the page, with the main journaling talking about how, although it may look to others as if I idle my days away – I’m actually busy doing my own little thang – and very happy for it!!
The pictures depict my favourite ways to while away my time – “Scrapping, slurping, surfing” and of course… “sleeping”!! I wanted a really busy feel to the LO to reflect the theme– hence the mish mash of bright colours and embellishments – I wanted almost every inch of the page to be filled. I also wanted the photos to pop off the page, so added "overflowing" elements to bring the pics to life; such as the teddys snoring "zzz", the real prima flowers layered over the ones in the photo, and the doodled/painted swirl from the mug. Again – I can’t believe I managed to finish a page in one sitting, but I think it was down to the “go with the flow” vibe, not to mention the pineapple chunk sweets and Gems keeping a close eye on proceedings!
Right then, I do believe it's well past my bed time; if I sit here much longer no doubt I'll turn back into a pumpkin! Hope everyone is fine and dandy, and will catch up with you all soon.
Nite nite my blogeroonies xxxxx


Di said...

WOW! Nat you are truly an inspiration to us all!! Each LO is so unique and the styles so different - fabulous!

Tell that sis of yours that we're all getting very impatient here LOL! Mind you, no doubt she is too!

Gaye said...

Aww! sowree your not an Auntie yet your poor sis.

Nat your LOs are brilliant

Hysteri-CAL said...

Sorry you're still not an Aunt - I've been checking in every day :(

Your LOs are absolutely stunning - I love em !!!!!!!!

Chrissie said...

Gorgeous layouts as always Nat. You're such a talent you know xx