Sunday, October 29, 2006

Darnfungled technology!

First of all- I had typed a witty and amusing post (yep, tis true) - went to press publish but my fist hit some random key on the keyboard and deleted my post. Not amused.

Second technological gripe - my broadband connection has disappeared at home. Vanished. Poof! Gone. Hence no blog entry since last week (see there's a valid excuse - I bet you all thought I was just being a baaaaad blogger didn't you?!). Suprisingly, the BT man called out today (on a saturday?!!!! We weren't expecting him until Monday) to check the line - but he's as mystified as we are. So quite when I'll be back online at home is anyone's guess. So here I am at you-know-where having a quick catch up with you all (well, seeing as I'm the unlucky cabbage to have landed the shift when the clocks go back I thought I'd do something worthwhile with my extra hour. A 13 hour shift I ask you - isn't there some kind of law against this?! Woe is me and my tired, withering body).

And the other bad thing about no net connection at home is that I can't share any piccies with you - and I've actually done some scrapping this week (erm, which is probably due to the fact that the net went down in the first place, and that I wasn't sat at the PC for hours in a trance as per usual). So hopefully everything will magically be up and running all hunky dory just as magically as it all broke down, until then you can look forward to the scrapping delights I have to share with you. Titter ye not my pretties, for one of these pages is quite unlike my usual style, and won a little prize for third place in the South Wales Crop challenge, might I add. I'll just tease you with the words "random" and "bright" for now. Nuff said really.

So ya, twas the South Wales Crop today. As well as taking part in the challenge, I taught my Autumn Days class, which seemed to go down well. Thank you to Chrissie for asking me to have a go, Gems for doing a fabby ole job as kit giver-outer, and to all the lovely scrumptious South Wales crop-goers who had a go and managed to keep up with what the heck I was gabbering on about !!

Gems and I had a nice likkle catch up, and much scrapbooking, shopping and scoffing of pineapple chunk sweets took place. Despite Gems insisting that she didn't like the sweets - she did a pretty good job of munching half a bag of 'em when she thought I wasn't looking - didn't ya?!!! I saw you missus!!! *wink*

And the final piece of news - today is finally the day of my sweetie likkle sisters' due date - but I must admit after all this "oooh, it's a big bump- she'll never go the whole 9 months" - I'm starting to wonder if the little blighter will ever show up! I'm impatient me! And so is she at the point bless her. I even dragged her around Ikea for hours yesterday in the hope that the long walk (and the fact that we were 45 miles away from home) would shake the baby out - or at least make it get a wriggle on. But no. I love her sooooo much and I know when likkle bubba does make his or her appearance she's gonna make a fabby mummy - I can't wait! pass the time and amuse myself until bubba DOES arrive - I'm gonna open a little game on here to guess the weight of the baby! The blogeroonie with the nearest guess will win a little scrapbooking treat. All you have to do is log your guess in reply to THIS post, between now and when I break the news that baby has arrived *grin*

Get guessing!!! xxxxx


~*Gems*~ said...

I think it is going to be a boy and weigh 8lbs14 :o)

Those pineapple chunks were weird! They were horrible at first, but the more I ate, the better they got! Hehe!

You did a fab job with your class hun, it was lovely.

Was really nice to catch up with you. Nice to have sucha giggle with a like-minded soul such as yourself!

Come on Kat, get it out!

Di said...

Ooh a "guess the weight" challenge. Now I know zilch about new born babies but I'll have a stab at 9lbs 2ozs cos Kat sure did look huge. Oh and I'll say a lil' girlie too.

Looking forward to seeing your piccies.

Chrissie said...

Tsk. Di took my guess (I was just going to go for the same weight as Celyn and Di got it on the nose).

...'kay...9lbs 1lb then.


FAB job on Saturday luvvie-chops. You are a great scrapper and by jingo a great teacher as well.

You'll be doing that again Eh? Love your layout...just need to take a photo that blummin' matches it! LOL

Nina said...

OHHH baby weights.....i think a big boy.....10lb 2oz.....

Natalie said...

Wow, what a bump!
I think 10lb 4oz - and a little boy :)

Gaye said...

glad you had fun at your crop
tis horrid when you lose your net access well done on getting some scrapping done

ok ok guess the bump.....hmmm! a boy and 8lb 9oz

Cee in SF said...

I'm guessing your sis is having a boy weighing 8lbs6oz! I would've guessed that a walk around Ikea would encourage the young'un out, but guess not.

MandyKay said...

I think it is going to be a boy, and it will be 8lb 8oz.

Just had to change mine, Gaye had guessed the same as my idea.

I got huge and mine was only 6lb 4oz!!

Hysteri-CAL said...

Do we have to guess which sex as well ?? Erm .. erm .. big bump eh ? ... erm ...

Boy. 9lb 3oz.

Good luck to them both xxxxx

Beth said...

Wow, your porr sister must be getting really tired by now. Right, I'm guessing the lil (or big un) to be a girl, was gonna say boy, but changed my mind, and weighing in at around 10Ib 1oz. Well done on your class too Nat. You'll be doing loads more too no doubt. Beth XX

Suz said...

Hmm am no good at guessing stuff like this but will have a go. I guess 8lbs 7oz, have no idea about which flavour though, maybe a girl?

TraceyT said...

has it arrive dyet ?

Hysteri-CAL said...

Ok, I know impatient is my middle name - but any news yet ??

*fingers crossed everything went ok*

Cal xx