Friday, September 15, 2006

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned……. has been 12 days since my last post. Please forgive me.

I have not been overly hectic, yet just not seem to have a spare moment to pop along and leave an update for my faithful bloggers who I know drop in for a catch up :)

But I’m back now, and quite literally better than ever! I’ve had a lovely week all in all……..but first I have some exciting breaking news!!!!!!1

Katrina has just phoned on returning from her antenatal appointment. There have been recent concerns about the huge size of the baby which led to her having to go in for tests – all thankfully returned normal results, however – the midwife again thinks the baby is too big for her due date, so wishes to see her earlier than usual, in a fortnight, and if the baby still seems too big, Katrina will be admitted to the day ward for scans and possibly to be enduced! That is of course, if the baby doesn’t make its’ own way out in that time – the baby’s head is now down and ready and waiting!!

So likkle bubba could be here within three weeks, rather than in the expected six and a half!!! I’m ecstatically excited, but Katrina of course is happy but nervous at the same time :)

Other things which have made me happy this week?!

Well, firstly, the first beginners Scrapbooking Class took place this week and went really well! I had the pleasure of the company of a lovely group of girls, who were all enthusiastic and had produced beautiful pages by the end of the session. I had a lovely time looking at some of the fabulous pages they’d brought along to show what they’d already been up to. We’re all looking forward to the crop on Wednesday……meanwhile I’m deliberating over what cakes and biscuits we should have to munch on whilst there….all in the name of boosting our creativity of course!!!

Secondly – I received my sub copy of Scrapbook Inspirations yesterday – and it was fantastic to see my “Road To Nowhere” page in the Great Outdoors readers gallery. It looked fab professionally photographed and thankfully all the pieces remained in tact (unlike when they photographed my BOB pages!!). As soon as it is returned to me I’ll take a (not so great) pic and pop it on here for those of you who don’t get the mag.

Then one afternoon, I got a message out of the blue from Tracie, the owner of Little Cottage Crafts and a fellow BOB newbie winner, asking if I’d take a guest spot on her design team for December! Of course I jumped at the chance and will be looking forward to getting my teeth into the project when the kit arrives next month.

And of course, last Friday was the fab Swansea Crop, and I’m pleased to say, despite weeks of scrappers block, I managed to complete a page to submit for the monochromatic challenge set for the group by SI whist have a scrapping get together with Gems on the previous Tuesday. The standard of work was outstanding – it was a tough decision having to vote for the winners, but all were very well deserved. Will be looking forward to seeing which pages SI choose to feature in their February issue!

I finally got my spanky new printer – and very clever it is too! I was busy printing away some envelopes for Lee yesterday afternoon and it told me that half way through the pile I’d put some in upside down! How clever is that?! And if I’m in a rush I can print pics directly from the printer without even switching my PC on – fantastic – as you know what a totally unorganised and last minute type of gal I am!

Had a great day last Saturday too, Lee, my Mum, Rocky and I went down to Burry Port harbour, just outside Llanelli. We’d driven past it a couple of evenings before and decided it looked like a pretty place to explore during the day. Previously I had no idea that the place existed and thought Burry Port was just a straight road on the way to Pembrey Country Park, but take some side roads and you find this little jewel! It was lovely and sunny day too – and was perfect for watching the fish and crabs in the shallower water of the harbour. We stopped for an ice-cream and the lovely lady made up a cone for rocky – advising doggy ice-creams were free! What a nice woman! Rocky certainly liked her anyway!

***No, no photos today either! Anyone else on Beta getting this same prob?! I get the pop up saying "images added" - with little thumbnails of my picture underneath (didn't used to get those on the old version), and under that a little caption saying 'your images will be added and you can return to your post after clicking "done" ' - but the done button never appears to click on!!! Help!***


Di said...

Wow, what a fab 12 days you've had!

All the best to Katrina, she's getting the best care so she and babe will be fine.

Terrific news with all your scrapping ventures, so very much deserved.

Burry Port Harbour sounds fab, can't wait for naughty blogger to get it's act together and allow some photos.

Cee in SF said...

Sounds like you had fun 12 days worth of fun, and you'll be having more fun as a member of Tracie's design team.

You have an action packed life, that's for sure! All the best to the fam.

Beth said...

Cor Nat, what a busy time going on. Well done on the guest invitation, you are definately far too talented, lol. I switched over to BETA, but not had probs with posting piccies yet, (unusual for me, cos it's sod's law that it'd be me). Just trying to work out this template now. Must try and make it to the crop at Newport, have I missed this month's? Though, prob couldn't have gone anyway. Take care, Beth XX

Gaye said...

busy busy girlie you have been, seen your LO in SI fabby as always

Little Monkey said...

way to go on the scrapping front Nat - now puleeease show me some pictures ... :@)

TraceyT said...

ooh ooh - tagged you again sowwwweeeeee x

Anonymous said...

Hiya hun! :o)
I can't seem to upload any piccies either!
Definately a busy few days you had there.
Glad Kat's ok. Don't the last few weeks drag?
Catch up with you soon, love ~*Gems*~ xxx

Chrissie said...

I've not had that blogger problem. That's because I'm really really special and you and Gems are a bit scruffy.


Made me laugh when you said you thought Burry Port was a long straight road on the way to Pembrey! Insert the word 'Kidwelly' instead of Pembrey and that would be my attitude as well! LOL