Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Been tagged by Tracey -she quite literally is a little monkey you know!!

The rules are: List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.I am tagging Gems, Beth, Chrissie, Gaye, and Cee!

1. When I was a child and thought the "Canterville Ghost" lived under my bed and would grab me given the slightest chance. As a result, I still can't sleep if the tiniest part of my body (i.e. a toe, a finger, a lock of hair) hangs over the edge of the bed!!
2. My dog enjoys eating the occassional peach, and one of my cats has a penchant for carrots!
3. I avidly watch "Supernanny" and criticise all those clueless parents - despite having absolutely no clue, or even children, of my own!!
4. I'm terrified of spiders. TER. EEEE. FIED. I can't sleep if there's one in the house - can't get near enough to them to remove them myself, so I spray them with hairspray. Then I get really upset for killing a defenceless creature which wasn't going to hurt me anyway just 'cos I'm a big baby. I honestly feel so bad about doing something so cruel.
5. I am quite happy to leave my legs grow all hairy in the winter when I only have to wear trousers!!!!! Ewwwww - I know, but I reckon it keeps my pins warm!!! (None of your are ever going to want to sit next to me at a wintery crop again now are you?! *sad face*.................. )


Chrissie said...

Oh blimey, I've only just caught up in the blogging kingdom and I get tagged. Oy vay!

Gaye said...

LOL well you got in first with the tag, cos i was going to tag you!

Ooo our MandyK yep i know her we attend the same crop, i will send her a big 'ello from you :)

Beth said...

If I ever make the next crop with you lovely, and you've gotta trewsers on, I shall no doubt know that your legs are lovely warm, or is it a bit early yet, maybe not enuff hair growth, cos we've not long left summer, hee, hee. I'm the same mind, so don't worry, lol. Beth XX

Di said...

Warm legs, yup, relate to that, I rarely show my legs all year round, eeeuuww, how long are my hairs by now!!!

Anonymous said...

You stinker :P Leaving your legs get all fluffy! Hehe! :o)

TraceyT said...

eeeeuw Nat !!! lol :@)