Friday, August 04, 2006

We have pictures!!!!

Praise all that be Blogger! I take back every bad word I said about you!! Firstly - for the sheer bare faced cheek of it - here's one of those pictures I took of Katrina on Monday - doesn't she look purdy?!!

And here are a couple of those photos I took down in Ferryside last week. I entered them, along with a third in to the UKS photo comp, and the third one, which incidentally was my least favorite - has been shortlisted in the top 20. It's a bit pants though compared to the others - there were some absolutely amazing entries this month, including a lovely one of Three Cliffs on our very own Gower - small world! (nooooooooo - don't start me singing that again!)

And finally - time for something creative! Ding ding!! All aboard the UKS Summer Holiday bus! Here's me attempt at the first class set by Jools G and Paperarts - it was a beautiful journaling class and I have to admit my attempt just doesn't do it justice. It's one of those occasions where I really wish I'd bought the kit, mainly to have the Bazzill for the background - I didn't have enough in pink for the background and had to use plain card - things always look a gazillion times better when you use Bazzill in my humble opinion!!

Despite being slightly disappointed by the outcome, I'm still glad I did this page as it records some very special memories of summers gone by spent in my grandparents garden near the Gower. The first photos are of Gramps and I, aged 18 months, the next was taken by my Grandad when I was 7, and the third one is of my Gran, Mum, sister and myself when I was 14. The journaling reads:

"So many happpy days spent growing up in Nanny and Grandpa's lovely garden made so many happy memories!.....
-Sitting on the hand-knitted blanket, and later, the sun loungers -Radio Two on the "wireless" -
-Grandpa in his sun hat - Nanny sewing her embroidery - Biscuits and coffee being brought out on a tray - Playing scrabble and card games - The beautiful flowers -
- The old apple tree - Watching Microlight aircraft overhead - Happy days, happy memories"

Major apologies for the following dodgy image - although I'm not happy with the LO I must admit it does look better than this in real life *lol* - do you think I could manage to take photos of both sides that matched?!!! I can also ensure you that the right hand side is straight in real life - but my infamous "sqwonky" photography skills are to blame for the strange angles in the shot!

Well, off to the Swansea crop tonight which is gonna be a laff innit?! (lol Chrissie and Gems). Not sure what I'm going to be taking along to do as my ink is nearly all out on my printer so can't do any scrapping unless I work with old 6x4" photos - which I don't fancy today. Currently eyeing up a new lovely printer anyway hence the reason I'm not rushing out for a new cartridge - just have to be very nice to Lee and keep batting my eyelids (and waiting on him hand and foot) until he caves in!!!!

Take care my lovelies............Will be back soon with another boring installment of my boring life! Hey - if you're ever suffering from insomnia- reading my blog will sort ya out!! xxx


Di said...

Yey, we have pictures.
Fab Nat, your sis is positively blooming chuck!

Gaye x said...

there is nothing wrong with that LO Nat, its lovely
Great Photos, your sister is simply bloomimg well done you on being in the top 20

~*Gems*~ said...

Aww your sister looks gorgeous! :o) I just didn't bloom at all during pregnancy! That's just my luck though!
Layout looks lovely hun! Don't know why your not pleased with it. I will have to attempt the class as the journalling looks yummy!
~*Gems*~ xxx