Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Another day.....another visit to the vets.....

3rd Aug - Firstly, apologies. have been trying to upload this post for days, but blogger wouldn't let me add any pictures - the nasty pasty. After my 50th failed attempt, I'm just gonna post it sans pictures I'm afraid (I can hear you all blubbing at the very thought *lol*)

Well finally, after what seems like months, it was Peg Leg's (aka Millie the Menace) xray appointment today under general anaesthetic, and we were hoping her leg would have healed nicely and they could remove the exterior scaffholding. But, as always, nothing runs smoothly in the Grant-Wright household and unfortunately on picking her up they advised they have had to realign the metal work as, although healing, her bone was going askew and, unless we wanted her to have a wonky leg, it had to be done. So she has at least another three weeks with the metalwork until her next xray when they'll reassess her progress.

She chatted to me all the way home in the car, obviously pleased to be back with her lovely marmy rather than at the strangely smelling vets with all those silly barking and whiny doggies. She's proudly sporting a luminous green bandage over the scaffholding, which she was showing off to the others, when treacle, the oldest and bossiest of the four, took a sniff at her, and must have had a whiff of said pongy doggies and started whacking the hell out of her with her paw. So, I booted her out of the front door (not literally might I add, no calls to the RSPCA please!) telling her I hope a bigger and older cat picks on her to see how she likes it.

God help when I have kiddies! And yes, my neighbours are quite used to seeing me chat to our pets in the street. Most of them chat with Rocky too, although they haven't moved into kitty chit chat territory yet. See, I'm not the only bonkers person around here!!

Katrina came over yesterday as planned, made a birthday card for my lovely buddy and fellow crafter, Carol - Happy Birthday Chick!! Not sure about the result - it's ages since I've done any stamping and must admit I'm more than rusty. Mum and Katrina brought me back some scrapworks goodies, and these Hampton arts chinese stamps from Cardiff last week - so had to give 'em a go!! Used Versamark to stamp the watermark bamboo onto the pink paper too - that's my favourite stamping technique. Anyway, realised how much more freedom and creativity you get with Scrapping, and how I don't think I'll ever be able to sit and make cards all evening again. Funny how you change like that isn't it?! See, wouldn't it have been nice if I could have inserted a pic of said card here?!
Took some nice pics of Bump anyway. Took them in Black and white, and on my landing where the voile panel on the window helped give a really bright yet diffused lighting. And wouldn't it have been nice to insert said pictures here? Used them to make that secret LO I was telling you about - looks nice too - sorry I can't divulge any more info than that at present.....but I know you all like a bit of suspense! Heck - you've waited four days for this post - can't get more suspense than that can ya?!

So that's it for now...............catch you later blogger dudes!!


Chrissie said...

Tsk. Where's the PICTURES then Nats?????

Honestly...some people.

Di said...

Wot no pictures, you're slacking Nat!