Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blummin' Banners!!

Long time no blog I know - please feel free to serve me punishment as you see fit :)

The main reason is that, apart from working, I have spent the whole weekend trying to create a custom banner to place atop me shiny blog. But, as usually happens when I try to attempt anything in the least bit clever, it went horribly wrong and was nothing short of a disaster! Two days, and much blood, sweat and almost tears later, I think I've got it right.

I followed the provided instructions to the T, but for some reason my banner decided it was so fab and funky that it was going to take over my entire page and keep tiling itself all the way down - making the posts impossible to read. Naughty, naughty banner. I ended up making up what I presume must be a unique html code from different advice posts on the subject on the Blogger help page - and hey presto - I think I've got there.

So I hope you can all see it - it's rather classy and timeless don't cha fink?! (ahem....cos I'm a classy gal you see ). Thought I'd pretend to be all thoughtful and intellectual looking .....hehehe, I'd pull the wool over anyone's eyes gazing across the water all forlorn like that!! To be honest - not even sure if I'm going to keep that one, it was supposed to be a quick experiment at putting my own banner in, but after all the palaver I've had, it'll probably take me years to get over the trauma so this one's staying for now!

The picture for the banner was taken by Lee when we went for a drive to Ferryside in Carmarthen Thursday evening, it was a lovely summers evening and we took some lovely pictures. And of course - Blogger won't let me add them!!! I've entered a couple for this months' photo comp on UKS which was on a summer theme, so if you're a member you could always check out the gallery there. Otherwise, I'm going to try to upload them later. Perhaps Blogger will have had a think about it's temperamental ways and sorted itself out by then.

It will let me add my most recent page though - et voila, here it is! It's been ages since I've done a weekly challenge on UKScrappers, and, in a bizarre coincidence, after I was talking about these pictures and how I needed to gt around to scrapping them to Gems last week, I looked up the challenge and it was on an animal theme. You had to follow the provided sketch, which fitted my pictures perfectly, and other elements you were challenged in include were an altered title and to have your handwriting on show. I completely forgot about the handwriting bit (typical!) which was a shame really as I could have fitted it in, but managed the altered title. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to do it at first, as I always feel they are a bit messy looking (yes, even for me!!), but actually I'm really glad I gave it a go as I think it's actually quite fitting to the crazy but funny story of Rocky munching through a peach! The base is Bazzill, and the papers are from the Winnie's Walls collection by SEI. The journaling reads:
"Rocky, you are a comical fella, but this is one of the times you have made me laugh most! I was about to eat a lovely juicy peach, but started to tease you that it was a ball, and by accident you licked it. Then, to my surprise, you started nibbling at it, and the nibbles turned to great big bites, until you had eaten all of the peach! I held the peach to help you eat it and make sure you didn't swallow the stone, and I'm not sure by the end of it if it was your mouth or my hands that were more covered in the sticky sweet juice from the fruit. Afterwards, you lay on the rug, looking up at me eagerly, and wagging your tail. I'm sure if you could speak you would have asked "Got any more peaches, love?"!! 26.7.06"

Well, I'm off in a short while to pick up "Waddles", or Katrina as you may otherwise know her *lol*. If she still fits in the Freelander that is mwwwooohahaha! She's been begging me to come over for a craft day - the last time we got to it was the day she told me she was having a baby - way back in late February - so it will be good to have a day together. I need to take another photo of her pregnancy progress too - yep she's grown again! - and make a layout. It will be a special LO too - but more about that in the next week or so.........Intrigued enough yet?!!! She also wants to make a start on her baby arrival cards, even though we've got a couple more months yet. But then again, with the rate her bump is expanding at, perhaps now's a good time while her arms still reach the table! Hehehe.

Right, that's enough cruelness at my lil' sisters expense (Although - that is what big sisters are for isn't it?!).....................Thanks for stopping by, will catch up with you later my lovelies xxx


Di said...

Glad you got your banner sorted! It looks fab, don't know why you'd want to change it anyway.

Showed DH Rocky's LO this morning and he's fallen for him too. I think we might be doing a midnight sneak to Swansea for a bit of doggy nabbing.

Gaye x said...

Nat, glad you got your banner sorted, it is a great photo :)

Chrissie said...

Your doggy is so funny! Eating peaches...what's THAT all about? LOL

I did notice your extreme bannering. LOL I also figured that you were ranting and stressing about why it was doing it (I stress about why my grey strip is no longer a grey strip and no one seems to know why)

~*Gems*~ said...

Aww the layout of Rocky is great Nat! Really fun! He's such a handsome boy, and so friendly - much cuter in real life!
I'm loving the banner! Lovely photo! :o) My banner caused me some stress too! Blooming Blogger!
~*Gems*~ x*x*x

Beth said...

What a brill banner Nat, I love it, so different to all the rest, and that's what I like. Lovely LO of your lil dog too, bless. Our dog will eat nearly anything we dare to try him with, mind you, dogs do, don't they. I have yet to do this banner thing, so any tips, please shout them out. Take care XX

Cee in SF said...

I know the banner was hard work, but it's fab!

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