Monday, August 07, 2006

Missed the Bus!

Alas! Due to having worked nights all weekend, and despite my pre-crop excitement, I missed most of the UKS journey due to sleep!!! lol! I had every intention to complete the final class yesterday, and had my bazzill all laid out ready, and also had completed the altered clipboard challenge which needed to be uploaded by 5pm.

However - my body clock had a different plan. On finishing my 12 hour shift yesterday morning, I had to go in to town to look for an outfit for a wedding on Friday. Town was heaving and hot, and I came home empty handed, apart from a set of nice rub-on letters I found in the poundshop!! I tried on various nice outfits, but nothing really looked right. Of course, it's got nothing to do with my flabby middle!! I couldn't believe that it was half past one when I got in - I'd been awake for nearly 24 hours and thumping head was all the persuasion I needed to collapse into bed and get up six hours later!! The final UKS class and uploading my clipboard were well and truly forgotten about. But, never mind, lady luck must be on my side as I logged in to the site earlier to find I'd won one of the raffles they held, a nice prize of some Perfect Paper and accessories. So expect to see everything covered in paper paste from now on lol!

So here's the clipboard I decorated for the challenge. I completed most of it at the Swansea Crop on Friday, using Scenic Route papers, paint chips, angel kisses and loads of ribbons. It was originally a joking present from my sister to Lee at Christmas time - a "Lucky Bingo Board" because Lee had been to play bingo a couple of times with a mate - which had understandably become a bit of a joke in the family!
Please excuse the poor thumbnails - if you click on to them you should view a better picture!

Lee was nipping out shortly before I left for the crop, so I asked him if he could pick me up a couple of paint chips in red and turquoise tones from the DIY store while he was out. He came home with a pile of them, in every colour available...........unbelievable! I must have easily 1000 of the things now! I reminded him I only asked for two colours, and his answer was that he'd forgotten what I said, so took them all. And he really did mean all of them! Rather than taking one of each colour - he completely cleared the shelves of every single paint chip card they had.

So....if you're thinking of decorating this week - don't bother going to the B&Q superstore to look for paint cards, cos they are all stacked up here on my kitchen table :)


Chrissie said...

ROFPMSL - that is TOOOOOO FUNNY about the paint cards. How DID he get them past the checkout?

Gaye x said...

Chrissie, i was thinking the same thing! LOL the clipboard looks great

well done on winning the raffle

Di said...

Ha ha ha Well done Lee. Would love to see a piccie of them all!

Clipboard is fab, well done you x

xx Nat xx said...

I'll have to take a picture of them all :D xx

Chrissie said...

Your clipboard is ever so much like my clipboard! Great minds and all that... :D

~*Gems*~ said...

Your clipboard is lovely hun :o)