Sunday, July 09, 2006

Crop Crazy!

Good evening my blogger buddies!

Had a fantabulous (so is that a proper word, cos me spellchecker isn't worried about it!!) weekend, attending two crops in as many days!! The first was the wonderfully cosy Swansea Crop, where not only did I win the raffle again (must try not to sit in the lucky seat again next time or people will start to dislike me and poke me with their embossing tools and deckle edge scissors!), but we completed this lovely doodling class. I must say - Chrissie I admire your unflappable patience when teaching – each of the orange curves had to be cut differently by each person in order to fit their individual photos and consequent composition, 16 people down struggling to make their circles “just a bit tighter” I personally would have gone bananas – but she’s great is Chrissie!!

As it was a wacky and fun page I chose this daft picture I took a few months ago when playing about with my new camera. Apart from the rather un-lady like delicate nostril hair peeping out from my right nostril, I thought it was ideal. Before printing it off I added a little blue hue to my eyes to reflect the blue tones that would be used in the LO. Had fun going wild with the doodling, and curvy journaling – which reads “"My friends call me crazy 'cos I make 'em laff! .......But sometimes I FEEL crazy when things get me down......but I just keep on smiling!"

Also managed to squeeze onto the popular South Wales crop last minute – hitched a lift with Gems and her sister and we had a great day! Completed this LO there, dedicated to all the things in life I cherish that my grandparents have taught me. Really enjoyed making the flower embellishment which double up as part of the title. Used a Really Big Bazzil flower chip covered in BG Urban Couture, made a rosette effect centre from ribbon and fastened it down with a giant brad, and then added the rubons around the petals to make the word “Thanks”. And yes, ok, ok, a whole day at a crop and I know, I only did one page! Well, with all the chatting, fab shopping and all the gorgeous cakes to munch on, whadya expect from a gal?!!!

Thank goodness that the footie will finally be over in under an hour!!! It’s done nothing but disrupt my TV viewing for the last month - the naughty fing!!. Finally I can settle back into watching Neighbours and at the correct time, and Eastenders on the right day. Hopefully, Holby City will return to a Tuesday now too cos I love my Tuesday-night-in TV-fest!! Lee knows there’s just no point trying to speak to me on Tuesday from 7pm until midnight unless he wants his head bit off!

Ooh I am terrible, and seriously need to think out getting out more!!!

Take care my lovelies, until next time xxxx


Chrissie said...

Just love that photo with your class layout Nattie. S'yum!!

When you've dealt with unruly Year 6 banging their head against a wall just (JUST) to wind you up, or standing up in a fury and snapping their pencil in too, to provoke a reaction, a hall full of lovely scrapping ladies is a BREEEEEEEEEEEZE. LOL!! But thanks for your nice comments :-D

Chrissie said... TWO I meant to write (DUH!!! LOL Giggly fingers!)

Di said...

Your LO's are just fab, love the doodling one. I was trying to master that art over the weekend - yeah right, best I just keep trying LOL!!!

Cee in SF said...

I love the tips and ideas I get from your LOs. Very nice!!

~*Gems*~ said...

Hi Nattie! :)
The crops were fun weren't they?!
And thank-you for entertaining me the entire journey! I still haven't worked out what is wrong with my car by the way!
I love the layout about your Grandparents. Love the sentiment behind it and of course the papers are stunning! Can't wait to have a play with mine!
~*Gems*~ xxx

Gaye x said...

Isnt that what crops are for then? chatting, shopping, drinking coffee, alittle more chatting and a little bit of paper shufferling LOL, great LOs Nat :)