Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bums Rush

Yep, I've had the delightful company of Bum's Rush for the last couple of days, bad enough at any time, let alone when you suffer from IBS anyway and in middle of a heatwave!! Feeling better now thankfully, although very angry as apparently my oh-so-professional manager was throwing things about the office yesterday, swearing about me, and telling everyone how suspicious it was that I'd called in sick when the sun comes out!!

Newsflash - I don't get paid sick when I'm ill, and after Millies' broken leg I can hardly afford to pull a sickie.

And I guess, Ma'am, I'll wait until it rains to become unwell next time, if that suits you better.

What a moo-moo! I have a sample bottle in my possession, and I'm very tempted to use it, and leave it somewhere delightful for Moo-moo to discover! Mwoohahaha!

Any whooo! On a brighter note, I've done some scrapping!!!
The Layout (LO) is of my sister and her HUUUGE pregnancy belly! We're currently taking bets on just how much bigger she can get in the remaining three months, she's already gone from size 14 to size 22!!!!

I put that doodling into practice too -my first attempt on a LO that I'm happy with! I tried to focus on techniques rather than using different products, and managed to incorporate, hand cutting, stamping, inking, chalking, stitching, doodling, distressing, heat embossing, die-cutting, dymo-labeling, and er, fink that'd be the lot!!!

Sadly, it's no longer in my possession as I've sent it off for a couple of entries to some Design Teams for a couple of UK Scrappers Sponsors. It would be lovely to receive some goodies each month to make a page with to share with to inspire the shops' customers - and I love working with deadlines - it always helps me to get me big behind in gear!

Also had a lovely email from Joanne, the editor of Scrapbook inspirations, apologising for the mix up with my printed LO's, it was put down to a temporary art director taking over due to maternity leave. Apparently he did not have any original images to work from, so made the "executive" decision that the loose photos which arrived in with my pages belonged to the Port Meirion LO and added them to the large journaling pocket on there. She did how ever agree that the "LEE" title was a pretty obvious bloop, and that he should have referred back to the team if he was unsure, so they will be re-running the picture, in it's correct format, with an explanation in a couple of Issue's time.

Other fab news is that they've requested I take part in the sketch challenge that appears in each issue - I think I'll be doing the one for Issue 20 as they work so far ahead - so I'm excitedly awaiting the sketch and information for that! The only thing is I have to sign a contact stating I will not publish the LO anywhere for 6 months (not even on my blog!), so you'll have to buy the mag when it comes out if you want to see it straight away!!

I've become very conscious that my blog, at a glance, is lacking pictures, so thought I'd add a couple of extra ones of recent work cos you've all been such very good blogeroonies! *wink*

No Blogger's being a mean old system and won't let me upload any more, but will promise to do so as soon as it allows me!!

Take care buddies xxx


Cee in SF said...

Wow! Sounds like you're working with a very bitter person to think that you'd fake a non-paid sickie on a nice day. Sometimes folks just need something to complain about or else they'd be forced to examine the bleakness of their own life.

Good luck w/ the scrapping challenge!

Di said...

Ooh, can't wait to see your sketch challenge, you clever peep you!!

Hope work's okay hun.

Gaye x said...

congratulations, will keep an out for your LO :)

Little Monkey said...

what a meano you work for ! still love your lo of your sis - fab xx keep your chin up x