Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Happy Scrapper!

Good afternoon my blogging buddies!

We had a great time on Tuesday evening for Mum's birthday - after a bubbly toast at my house we whisked her off for a surprise Chinese meal, and here she is with her surprise cake!! Perhaps I should add, she's not wearing sparkly Micky Mouse ears (not that there's owt wrong with that, if that's what you like to do in the privacy of yer own pad), that'd be the helium balloons behind her head! Classic photography blooper that! The waiters dimmed the lights as they brought it out accompanied by "Happy Birthday" - which the fellow restaurant goers joined in with, and Cliff Richards jolly "Congratulations". I think Mum was mortified put certainly put a brave face on it!! She swore blind that she'd inflict us with much pain and misery if we so much as sent her a card with "50" on it, so Katrina came up with the nifty idea of the "1956" candles - hehehe! She loved the 8x8 album I made for her - I think at the last count there were over 20 pages in there. There's still lots for her to explore - secret journaling, and even some blank places where she can add her own thoughts.

Now that the album project is over, and as it took six months to complete, there's a bit of a void in my crafting life now!! But, I'm sure I can come up with plenty to fill my time! I totally admire the current Freestyling trend (check out the Autumn leaves blog here) and hope to I've it a go. It will totally take me out of my comfort zone mind; I'm naturally drawn to creating simple and graphic LO's and have really pushed myself into the more busy, grungy, inked and distressed style that I'm currently using more and more. But Freestyling, in the words of Little Britain's Vicky Pollard, "is Summit else!" So, although I haven't got any new scrapping projects to show off from the past few days, I have been whiling the hours away at work practicing my doodling in preparation for a freestyling masterpiece!! I've finally come up with a style that I'm personally happy with, and doesn't look as if a herd of drunken spiders have done the conga over my page. Here's a little pic of some of my studies - they're a bit stretch and skewed I'm afraid to fit 'em in but I'm sure you'll get the idea!
And, after the disappointment of my BOB lo's in Scrapbook Inspirations, I've had a confidence boost today!! I received an email from CJ requesting one of my LO's for the Great Outdoors gallery call, which will be featured in issue 19!! I'm thrilled to bits, and thankfully Lee was home this afternoon as otherwise I would have dashed to the PO, pizza box in hand, in my jimjam johnies!!! I'm a right blonde at times!!! Thankfully I caught him in a fabbo mood and he suggested I get showered and dressed whilst he took it down the post office for me - bless 'im!
And I guess I owe a big thank you to blogger today - THREE images in one post?! - what have I done to deserve that?! Summit must be up!! :D


Di said...

Wow, lots of news Nat!!! Your mum looks fab, I can barely see her Micky Mouse ears LOL!

Fabby news about the gallery call for one of your LO's (see told you didn't I, you clever peep you).

And.....well....your doodling is jut terrific (I've been trying to doodle for years, nowhere near to your standards). You must be on the phone alot LOL!

Cee in SF said...

I love celebrating birthdays. They're just the best.

I'm going to Disneyland this summer. Should I pick up some golden Mickey Mouse ears for your mom? You could surprise her with them next year!

~*Gems*~ said...

Haha the Vicky Pollard thing made me laff! Can just imagine you doing the impression!
That's brilliant news about your gallery call hun! Hopefully they'll photograph correctly this time.
Looking forward to the crop on Friday?
Hope all is good, love ~*Gems*~

xx Nat xx said...

Thanks Di - and yep I'm always on the phone doodling away!!!

Cee - oooh golden Mickey ears!! Now, if only you'd said BEFORE her birthday lol!!!

Thanks Gem - can't wait for Friday - wonder what the class will be (Come on Chrissie - show us! SHOW US!!)

micayla said...

Loving your doodles, great job.