Thursday, June 29, 2006

BEWARE: Major rant about to be unleashed!!!

I don't belive it! I don't belieeeeeve it! And I don't give a monkey's bottom that I risk sounding like champion OAP whinger Victor Meldrew either - in fact - you can call me Vic from now on in his honour.

Was not going to post today as I'm at work, and was going to wait until tomorrow and upload some lavvehly pics of my mum on her birthday night out.

But instead, you lucky 'ole things - I get to tell you that I got my copy of CRAPbook Inspirations today, the one with my competition LO's in.

As you probably know, from the very start the whole thing's been nothing short of a fiasco.
Firstly they lost my email address, so only managed to notify me I'd won a couple of days before the work was due to go on show in Olympia, London. Thankfully, cos at least one side of this ordeal is on the ball, they got there pronto and were included in the display. This was back in February you understand.

Then, each of the "BOB"s were disappointed on finding out that although the rules stated winning work would be featured in a book, or at the very least a magazine supplement, they were not only just going to be printed in the standard magazine, but also spread out separately over three months (and guess who had to wait the longest - the newbies!).

And of course, there was the issue of the prizes. It was only a couple of weeks ago we heard a whimper from any of the three sponsors. The first ones to arrive, from Personal Impression were nothing short of tragic, and when the Ellison vouchers to spend on the net arrived there were problems redeeming them and everyone being charged postage (one winner can't even claim her prize now as she no longer lives in the UK, and as they won't ship outside they've basically told her tough luck). And we 'aint even heard a peep from the third sponsor, Design Objectives, who were supposedly going to be the first lot of prizes we'd receive.

So, the one thing I was left excitedly looking forward to was, after waiting since February, finally seeing my hard-work and much loved projects in print, albeit I was very nervous of seeing them in a mag - I felt my style and ability had evolved a bit since doing them - not that I fink I'm amazing or anything *lol* - it's only natural for your style to develop and change with the more work you do, innit?! They were my first pages ever, bar one naff one and one really terrible one I keep meaning to re-do. In fact, I actually had to quickly make a fifth layout, the "Angel" one of my mum, so that I'd actually have five entries to submit, as required by the rules.

However, "disappointed" doesn't come near to how I feel about what I saw today.

First of all, I realised that the hidden journalling tags on the layout of Lee, which also formed the title, must have fallen out prior to being photographed and are just strewn across the page. I would have thought the professional photographer would have had the sense to tuck them back in place first, or that this would have least been picked up in the editing process. It's not rocket science after all.

Now, the photo on the "Together on Shell Island" one opened out to reveal a pocket containing other pics of our trip there - but if you look at the DLO of PortMeirion - the photos which should have been in the hidden pocket on the Shell Island LO are just stuffed in the journalling pocket on there, and covering half my LO.

I sent each of them bagged up and wrapped separately, so how did they come to be all mixed up - and then why not bother to take two seconds to sort them out before photographing them?

I'm really, really angry. But then it's just another cock-up in this hysterical series of events that is supposed to be a prestigious competition recognising scrappers as "the best of British".

After raving on to anyone who'd sit still to listen (or read!) long enough, I feel as if I've been a fool, and that my work looks ridiculous- people will think that the disastrous and hideous misplacement of items was part of my intended "design" - if it could be called such.

So I've sent them a little email expressing my distain, in my usual pleasant and breezy manner, of course.

So anyway, I have updated my slide show above with my copies of the winning layouts, so they can be viewed properly (although some are a little paler than in real life). Also added a couple of other new pages for good measure (now that Mum's received her album and I don't have to hide any of the work from her!) - Sisters and Best Friends and Little Angel or Little Devil? Lol - if anyone can give me any tips on coming up with shorter titles I'd be very grateful!

Well, rant over - thanks my blogeroonies - I knew I could pour my heart out to you!!! Promise to be back with lighter and brighter things real soon!


Pam said...

nat, sorry to hear about your mixed up LOs- I suppose cause I didn't notice anything unusual, I suppose you wouldn't if you didn't know, but I will have another, closer look in the light of this blog. Did you receive 3 free mags yesterday?

Di said...

Awww keep your pecker up hun. It's such a shame when you've worked sooo hard and done sooo well. Don't worry, with your talent you'll be in plenty of mags in the future.

Cee in SF said...

I am so, so sorry. I do think your work is quite lovely, from what I've seen.

Sorry I can't be more reassuring because I can't see the mag, but I'm sure that newbie scrappers like me would still get some great tips from seeing them.

xx Nat xx said...

Thanks everyone! Hiya Pam - thanks for stopping by my lovely - yep I did get the three mags yesterday, did you get yours? xx

Little Monkey said...

Aw Nat, I'm sorry to hear that after all your hard work too, chin up though xxx

Chrissie said...

I have heard nothing but complaints about that competition. I wonder who'll enter next year.

Never mind love...your scrapping's fab and we're very proud to have you at the Swansea Crop!