Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Today's the Day!!!

Now - you gotta sing that all Rod Stewart syle-ee, like Tonight's the Night...ok?!!!

Well, yes, today's the day, after mooooonths of waiting, that Scrapbook Inspirations, complete with my BOB layouts, goes on sale to the general pub-leek. Yey me!!! I haven't seen it yet, but by all accounts I'm the poor unfortunate soul who get's the half page spread under Joanna-Campbell-Slans mug. After all this waiting to see my LO's in print (especially after originally being advised they were going into a book or at the very least a supplement to the magazine, but then in fact finding all the winners work spread across three editions) I'm a wee bit gutted. I guess someone had to get that page but still! Oooh, 'ark at me - I'm an ungrateful little toad aren't I?! Guess I should just be thankful I'm in there at all!

So make sure you rush out and buy a copy and point me out to all your family and friends (not that they'll be interested of course - but at least I'll get a good giggle at the thought of you pushing a copy in your Aunty Maud's startled mush as she has her morning bed bath). I may have to slip a little notice above the stand in Borders saying "that's me that is", unless security cart me out before I get the chance! I was chuffed when they published my ATC's as letter of the month a while back, but this is a tad better!

Really sorry to hear the news today that one of my favourite Scrap stores, Cotswold Keepsakes, is closing down. Gutted actually. I'd shopped online with CK several times, and just last month made a trip up for the afternoon - Lee and I were made to feel incredibly welcome and at home by Joy, who had plenty of time to chat and make us coffee, and I truly believed it would be the first trip of many. They were greatly admired and well-established, and yet another in a growing list of stash shops to recently cease trading.

But on a happier note it's a very special day today!!:
HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!!Love you so much - have a fab day!!
I know she's gonna kill me for that, but I can live with her wrath for a couple of years - I've done ok so far!!


Chrissie said...

So...let me get this right...The BOB winners aren't actually going to be in any book atALL???? And you got K&Co Hydrangeas for the prize.

What's THAT all about????!!! Grief!

Terrible about CK. And yet from my point of view as a teaching business, scrapbooking is definitely on the up.

~*Gems*~ said...

Happy Birthday Nattie's Mum! Hope you loved your album!

I'm gutted about Cotswold Keepsakes too :o( Ah well! Meant I got lots of things I needed (lol needed!) with 25% off their usual price.

Picked up SI today Nat and your LO's looked fab! Don't know what you were worried about. Definately deserve to be a BOB! :o) Yay for you!

~*Gems*~ xx