Sunday, June 25, 2006

Things that go BUMP in the night....

Not much going on in Scrapdom over the last few days my blogeroonies - mainly because a great deal of catch up sleep took place yesterday following my shifts!

It is, however, a Most Haunted Live weekend, so the house is full of snacks and I've got the match-sticks ready to keep my peepers open past midnight. For those of you not familiar with the extravaganza - it'd three-night live broadcast and exploration of supposedly haunted locations - and the importance of blogging this you may ask?! This time it's coming from my very doorstep - in Llanelli. Word on the street in my mum's small village of Pontarddulais is that they were going to be there tonight, however I've checked the official site and it's either going to be Llanelli House, or Kidwelly castle. I always knew the locals of "Bont" as it's affectionately known, were an excitable and imaginative lot (after all, it's were I get it from!!).

I've followed the programme for a while - it's a series on UKLiving, and about four times a year they do one of these live thingy-majiggies. At times it can be dull, with not a lot going on, and at best they catch on camera a series of strange bumps or mysterious breaths, but in between, I personally find oodles of entertainment in the endless bogey-cam shots, where one of the poor presenters (usually poor old ex-Blue Peter presenter, Yvette Fielding) inadvertently get the night-cam pointing up their nostrils, or when the medium becomes "possessed" -(or acts badly for want of a better word)!!! The current medium though, David Wells, is a lot more believable than Derek Accorah, who left a couple of moths ago, and he's also usually spookily bang on the nose with the information he "channels" from the other world. It's quite a serious affair - they carry out proper scientific experiments and take base line recordings to draw comparisons with, and they have a resident scientist/skeptic on board to draw conclusions from these, and a historian to back up the facts or look into the information provided by the medium. It makes great viewing if you have the slightest interest in the paranormal.

I used to be more of a "believer" when I first started watching, however I think the show's actually made me more of an open-minded skeptic - despite having had several strange experiences myself.

We were lucky to get tickets to one of their live shows a couple of years ago in North Wales- and for those of you who've known me that long - you'll recall the disasters and hilarity along the way, but it got us a mention on the show the next night!! I'll have to blog it when I've got a bit more time - but for now I must dash - or I'll miss the beginning of the ghost hunt!

Take care, and don't have nightmares my blogging buds!!


Di said...

Can't think what is more scary, Most Haunted Live or the vision of the inside of Yvette Fieldings nose! LOL!!

~*Gems*~ said...

Lols - I'd go for Yvette Fieldings full stop! ~*Gems*~ xx

Cee in SF said...

I scare very easily, so I'm not going to look for this show on BBC America. Thanks for the warning!

Karen said...

Munchies at the ready!! Cant wait for the new series on Tuesday night, looks like a good un! Who's going to be first to spot Carl or Stuart with a bit of string tied around that chair leg???? lol

Totally agree about the 'was a believer ( I still am!) but the shows made me dubious over time about THEIR experiences!

Thinking of you hiding behind your cushion tonight Nat! scared of Yvettes bogies! rofl

karen xxx

Chrissie said...

The residents of the Bont are an excitable and imaginative lot. *Chrissie starts to wee herself laughing* Which residents are they then?

I never ever watch scary-mary programmes like that. I wouldn't sleep for a week!