Friday, June 23, 2006

Evening all!

Or should that be morning?! Whatever it is anyway, I am bloomin tired, bored and at work!!!

Have had some news today regarding my Best of British prizes - got a small "token" from one of the sponsors as an apology for the first round of "prizes" they sent out (the less said about that the better - let's just say I never want to see a piece of K&Co Hydrangea paper ever again!!); todays offering was a cute little mini album complete with matching papers and embellishments, and a pack of Ready To Go Acetate Sentiments - so at least they are funkier and a bit more up my street (and clean, undamaged, and still in their original packaging *teehee*). Also had confirmation from Ellison that we each have £92 to spend online with them. The obvious choice would be the Big Shot, but seeing as I haven't had my sizzix for long I've decided to get a set of alphabars for it ('cos like, when would I ever be able to afford an alphabet set normally?!), and a couple of the new designer dies to take it up to the voucher value.

Also got a fab little suprise through the post from my lubberly buddy gal Karen (aka the mad woman in the hills!) - two gorgeous little packets of Miffy page markers, even the little boxes they came in were gorge! I love Miffy I do, she's such a cute likkle bwunny wabbit! Karen suggested I could alter them to use on my pages - they are sooo gorgeous as they are - but can't wait to see what I can come up with with them, and am setting myself a challenge to use them on my next page.

Spoke to mum earlier this evening, and, even though I didn't bring the subject up, was given strict orders not to giver her anything with "50" on for the big day next week!!! AS if I would be that cruel to an OAP! Speaking of getting old, feeling it myself today too, as I received a request to provide a reference for one of my bestie buddies and colleagues, Alison. I'm really touched that she'd think that highly of me, after all, Ali's a "proper" 33 year old grown up, with a husband, and seven year old daughter and a beautiful big detached house up in the Swansea Valley, and she's chosen me to do her the justice of a reference. I feel all responsible and grown up now too - for once!!!!! Not that it will be a hard job - she's bloomin amazin' that girl is - one of the most energetic, enthusiastic, focused and dedicated people I've ever had the joy of working with, especially in our field which at the very best of times is demanding and challenging.

Fing I hate about updating my blog in work is that 1. I can't run the spell checker cos the pop-up blocker blocks it (last time I fiddled with the settings on the work pc to try and stop it from throwing me out of UKScrappers, the whole thing broke!), and 2. I can't add any interesting pictures, to amuse and entertain ya, and it's all lookin' a bit plain-jane to me. Speaking of which, can anyone see my slide show which is supposed to be at the top of the page?! I can see it at home, but not at work - so don't know if it's cos this is a duff ole PC or if only I, with the mystical powers of my magical home computer, am able to view it. Answers on a postcard please!!!

Night night my blogging buddies xxxx


Di said...

Well it's about time you got proper recognition for being a BOB and yes, receiving your slide show loud and clear. (It's fab - I need)!

xx Nat xx said...

Fanks Di xxx

Little Monkey said...

ooh nat - dont' worry about the spell checker ... my spelling irl is fab however, online .... life's too short to worry about it ! Loving your blog hun - pics are fabulous... and errr, designer dies eh ... mmmm might need you to send me some cuts :@) (i'll trade ya naturally xxx)

Two Lardy Scrappers said...

Yep. Can see your slide show. And where is your layout from Swansea Crop then young lady...? :-D

Cee in SF said...

I am quite envious of your slideshow, but inspired by what I see. I have a PC and Mac and can see it on both. I can't spell check at work either, for some reason. I usually just copy my post and paste it into a Word doc to do a spell check.

xx Nat xx said...

Thanks everyone - glad my slide show is visable as it took me blimin ages to work out how to do it!!
And promise will add a pic of the Swansea crop LO as soon as I get round to snapping it *lol* - with a credit reference to Chrissie for her fab design of course!!

Karen said...

Yep, even me here in the isolated hills of madness can see your slide show! *wink*
Glad you liked the Miffy's :)

Can you use the alpha bars on a sizzix??? hmm can feel a spending spree coming on.... lol