Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Love and thoughts please xxxxxx

My sister has had to go into hospital this evening as she's been in terrible pain, and almost collpased earlier today. A scan shows the baby IS OK, but Katrina's had some tests and now they need to keep her in overnight until they have more information as they think she has some type of infection. Katrina's understandably frightened and upset - so I was hoping that you lovely people, my wonderful blogging buddies, would send some vibes of love and hope out to her tonight. Thanks to you all xxx


Di said...

Sending out big {{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}} and my very, very best wishes. I'm sure your sis will be just fine, she's having the best possible care and the support from her family is second to none.

~*Gems*~ said...

Hiya Hun, sending lots of bigs *hugs* yours and Katrina's way! To echo what Di said I'm sure she will be fine too! Naughty little babies during pregnancy don't half make you worry, Ashton sure as heck made sure we didn't forget she was in there, and gave us plenty of heart-stopping scares in her 9 month spell on the inside!
Anyhoo here's some more *hugs* whilst I'm at it.
Love ~*Gems*~ xx

Chrissie said...

What Gems says is absolutely right. I often think of how Celyn freaked us both out when I'm in the middle of completely moaning at her for something! She'll be fine and the baby will be fine. She's in the right place getting the best help. It is hard not to worry though. (((hugs)))

Cee in SF said...

I'll be sending everyone my best from here hoping it'll all turn out fine!